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Looking for a sassy, yet a versatile short style that can also be sophisticated? The choppy bob just may be the solution for your fun and low-maintenance look. In other short styles you expect to have a quick and easy morning fix, instead add time to your morning prep regimen, and require as much maintenance as your longer styles. With the choppy bob, on the other hand, you can rock an adorable look that is not only easy to manage, but it turns heads and is sure to get attention.

What Is a Choppy Bob?

Maybe you’ve never heard of the choppy bob. You’re probably familiar with the cut, even though the name choppy bob may not ring a bell. This hot style can be seen gracing the tresses of celebrities throughout Hollywood. Also known as the messy bob, this laid-back look heightens your appearance while simplifying styling. It’s a trendy variation of the age-old bob. Shake it, tousle it, or flop it around and still look amazing.

Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob vs Traditional Bob

So, what’s different about the choppy bob as compared to the traditional bob? Let’s take a look. The choppy bob adds a new flair to the traditional bob we’ve all come to know and love. Surely you know, that the traditional bob requires the hair to be cut into layers. Each layer, however, is cut the same length. That’s the key to this classic look. Then, the choppy bob defies the evenly cut layers by adding a twist. While the layers still exist, the unevenly cut strands add volume and shape in an unconventional way.

Ease of Styling

What’s more, this style is easy to manage. The choppy bob is so easy to style because the more natural the flow of your hair, the better. This look prides itself on being messy and imperfect. Windy days should not pervert this look. You’ll need a blow dryer, a heat protectant, and styling foam to get started. The rest of the look is created by grabbing and tousling your hair however you desire. Then, there isn’t one way of donning this incredibly flattering style.

What Hair Type Works Best with a Choppy Bob Cut?

On top of it all, the choppy bob works well with different hair types: no more snipping straight edges or a part with hair smoothed to one side. This sexy and versatile style consists of hair that is cut at varying lengths. This dramatic look is created by combining the signature cropped bob with layers of wispy and free-flowing strands of varying lengths. So, it’s a fun look that allows you to run, jump, and play while maintaining order in a state of natural messiness on top of your head.

Choppy Bob Fine Hair

We understand; fine, limp hair can be a challenge for many styles. Believe it or not, the choppy look may be just the solution you’ve been looking for as a person with fine hair. So, using a combination of long and short strands throughout the crown of your hair, this look adds volume and dimension to what may have previously been a flat and lifeless look. Complimented with an A-line angle, the right cut can be transformative.

Choppy Bob Thick Hair

And this look doesn’t overlook the thick-haired population. If you’ve been graced with thick hair, you’re probably seeking to add shape and volume. For this, the choppy bob works wonders. Some say the choppy bob style was created especially for thick hair. Then, this edgy style is super-trendy for a contemporary or urban look by creating a thinning aspect while maintaining the fullness and volume of your naturally thick hair.

Short Hair versus Long Hair

This versatile style is adorable for both short and long hair. The message this look sends is, “I’m busy yet professional.” It is uncomplicated yet evokes sexuality. So, this fun and functional look is accessible and adds variety to short and long hairstyles.

Short Choppy Bob

If you want to rock a shorter look that doesn’t require a great deal of prep time, this may be a great option for you. The layered cut of the choppy bob creates movement to the formerly flat and sleek bob hairstyle. So, short hair lovers can choose between the choppy pixie, the choppy bowl cut, or the choppy undercut. Whatever your preference, the key to the choppy look is its free-flowing personality.

Long Choppy Bob

For longer tresses, the “messy but not messy” aspect of this trendy look lends itself to a variety of styles. You won’t have to part with your locks if you’re not ready. Whether your hair is shoulder length or down your back, a professional choppy cut can leave you with the volume and wispiness that gets attention. Sure, you don’t want to lose your length, however, you can’t help but admire the versatility of shorter cuts. The long choppy bob gives you the best of both worlds.

Products You’ll Need

The product is king when it comes to maintaining your locks after getting your choppy bob cut. Although the look is described as natural and free-flowing, behind the curtain, it requires effort. Great texture, volume, and random waves can come easily with the right products:

  • Professional blow dryer: the Sam Villa Ionic Blow Dryer creates shine and volume and dries your hair faster
  • Large thermal styling brush: using this during the drying process will create just the right volume needed for this look
  • Straightening iron: this tool will add waves and curls to your hair
  • Texturizing Spray: this creates a texture to the hair to achieve that choppy look
  • Wave spray: creates an airy, weightless texture that has volume and flexibility
  • Hair mousse: locks in the style without the residue
  • Hair spray: adds the extra “umph” to hold the style with its voluminous appeal

Step 1: Add Texture & Hold

While your hair is wet, you’ll need to add a product for texture and hold. This should be done before the application of heat. So, it will shorten the hair-drying process and add shine to your hair.

Step 2: Application of Heat

Your next step is to blow dry your hair. While doing this, you should also use a thermal styling brush to add volume and shape. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 3: More Heat

Grab your flat iron and use it to gently curl the ends of your entire head.

Step 4: Finger Roll and Scrunch

Using your spread fingers, run your hand through your lavish locks. You’ll do this multiple times, adding a dime-sized amount of styling mousse. Your goal is to thicken the hair.

Step 5: ShakeOut

Lean forward and vigorously shake your head around. This will toss your locks to and fro in an effort to create a naturally windblown look.

Step 6: Lock-In Your Look

Your final step is to lock in your look with a holding spray.

Tips on Styling

What’s so great about the choppy bob is its versatility. There’s so much you can explore with this style with easy-to-do modifications. So, grab your handy blow dryer and styling spray, and the world is yours.

Use of Color

To add flair to this daring style, you cannot neglect the impact color can have on your look. Color or highlights in the right places can lift your look – adding volume, interest, and frivolity to your choppy bob. It can also add texture and dimension that is sure to make you a showstopper.

Spray & Scrunch

Adding a wave is as easy as a spray, scrunch, and shake with your choppy bob. This styling technique complements your cut by creating a natural wave pattern. The result is not too fussy or prepared, but it naturally flows. Thus, it’s a great styling option for those with thin hair.

Add Texture

Whether you prefer the spikes of a pixie look or free-flowing curls, adding texture to your choppy bob will surely spice up your style. Boost your messy look with attitude or soften it with charm. The right cut can be easily transformed to create the striking look and intensity you desire. It even adds drama when worn in a smooth, straight style.

Focus on Your Face

Sweeping your hair back from your face adds an intriguing enhancement that draws attention to your eyes. This bold look is reminiscent of Ponyboy in the book “Outsiders,” but is sleek enough for fun at the park or an evening out. This cut can add definition to a round face or subtle cradling to a narrow face. Accentuate your strands individually or in a group and this style will accentuate your appearance. Adding bangs is a timeless way to soften this look.


Love the mess you’re in. It’s trending, and it’s hot. You can rock an adorable choppy bob whether your hair is fine or thick. Even the length of your hair won’t matter – short, long, and everything in between can enjoy this playful look. If the shaggy layered appeal is what you seek, let loose and have fun with it. The choppy bob can be personalized to your styling preference, and it will make an incredible difference to your avant-garde appeal. So, visit a salon for a new look and style.


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