There’s only a month before school starts again. “Back to school” haircuts for kids need not be boring. Choose a salon that specializes in kids’ haircuts or at least one that does kids’ haircuts decently. Haircuts for kids should be low maintenance because, unlike those for adults, they shouldn’t need much styling everyday. Here are the top haircuts for kids for when they go back to school:

For Girls

stacked_bob_hairstyle_211. Bob haircut: hair that is either chin or shoulder length is practical for girls since shorter hair lengths don’t have the tendency to become ratted or messy. Because it would be difficult to tie your little girl’s hair back, her hair needs a shortened length in front like a fringe or bangs. If you want to style a bob haircut, you can pull side sections back for braiding and then pinning them together at the back.

little-girl-haircuts-with-bangs2. Hair with bangs: girls almost always have bangs that are cut plainly straight and across the forehead above eyebrows. Bangs are more suitable for girl with straight hair because curly or wavy hair will find it difficult to lie flat against a forehead and would therefore need some styling. Whether a girl’s hair is long or short at the back, bangs should be trimmed regularly to prevent hair from getting into her eyes.

long-layered-hairstyles-for-kids3. Layered haircut: if your little girl has long hair that extends to her shoulder blades, a layered haircut is ideal. If she has wavy hair to boot, the layers can reduce the frizz found at the hair ends. Layers make the hair easier to brush since its less thick. You can style this haircut with pigtails, braids or a ponytail.

6aaa7b06f9d2c398a3d3e80b84322ac54. Side-swept bangs: this haircut is suitable for girls older than seven since they don’t generally play as hard as the younger ones. Your older girls’ bangs can be swept off to either side or parted neatly in the middle and then swept off to the sides. Longer-cut bangs may also be pinned off to one side with a barrette.

curly-hairstyles-for-toddler-girls5. Curly haircut: cutting your girl’s hair in shallow layers and then drying it with some mild styling product can keep this haircut unique. Scrunch your girl’s hair to get maximum volume from her natural curls. The point is to get that tousled look by defining her curls.

For Boys

1. The Spike: this is the haircut to get for a little boy whose buzz cut has grown out. Gel is worked through your little boy’s hair, then spiked up at the top and smoothen out at the sides. This will add texture to the overall look.

IMG_05602. The Buzz Cut: this is ideal for sporty, non-stop action little men. No styling is required here, although some styling cream can give this haircut an edgy but still fun look.

kids-summer-hairstyles-Spiked-up3. The Surfer haircut: long layers are now trendy in boys’ haircuts and this one is no exception. Think California surfers! Styling cream in a small amount – about the size of a quarter – is run through your little boy’s hair in several directions to acquire that certain “piece-y” appeal. The styling cream provides natural hold while leaving the hair with a perfectly styled look the whole day.

65603c79f9195f57c8d73493fe749ea04. The Mad Men haircut: sleek, sophisticated, and chic, your boy can have the Don Draper look in “Mad Men.” Styling cream is applied throughout your boy’s hair to reduce the amount of frizz. A side part is created with a comb, after which a small amount of styling cream should be brushed throughout his hair for a polished, even finish. Comb hair from the straight down part to the shorter side. The longer side can create the “sweep” by combing hair in a downward direction until the forehead’s middle and then combing upwards to place all hair behind his ears.

haircuts-young-boys5. The Fringe: the sides are shortened so as not to cover the neck and ears. The top is kept longer at a length just below the eyebrows in the front and the ears’ tips on the sides. This “fringe” bring attention to your little boy’s eyes and the curve at the tips make this cut trendy.