Just how much does a spray tan cost? The answer to this question is what most people who have never had a spray tan want to know. Even though we all love that sun-kissed look, not everyone is willing to expose his or her skin to the tanning booth’s UV rays or risk getting a painful sunburn. Lucky for you, there are a number of safe and quick spray tans that can help you get a tan without experiencing the burn.

If you are a newbie, you’re probably looking for spray tan tips and tricks and have a bunch of questions to ask before you decide to try this out. Besides just asking how much does a spray tan cost, you may also wonder if spray tanning is safe. Will I end up looking like a carrot? Is it better to self-tan or get sprayed in a booth or by another person?

Below is a breakdown of all these questions and all you need to know about spray tanning.

How a Spray Tan Works

If you have never gotten naked in front of a stranger for the purpose of getting a spray tan, then brace yourself. However, do not freak out just yet, it is not as bad as you think. Here are a few things that you need to expect when you go to get your tan on for the first time.

Before you go for your spray tan appointment, you will be expected to:

  • Decide whether you’re getting the tan while naked or you will wear a disposable innerwear.
  • Drink a lot of water because hydrated skin absorbs the tan solution better and it will last longer.
  • Remove unwanted body hair mostly on the underarms, legs, and arms (waxing is highly recommended).
  • Don’t wear any makeup, deodorant or moisturizer since it will interfere with the absorption of the spray tan solution.
  • Exfoliate to ensure that your tan doesn’t flake off.
  • Wear loose and dark clothing to your appointment to avoid rubbing the tan off your skin while it’s being absorbed.

During your spray tan, the tan therapist will advise you on what shade of tan is best for your skin. Once you have decided on what you want, the therapist will provide you with a hair net and disposable underwear and leave you to undress. After the tanning session, you will be advised on how to wash off the solution. You will also get an appointment card with your next visit written on it.

Post-spray tan tips

After you get a spray tan, you are expected to:

  • Stay away from spa’s, hot showers, saunas and vigorous exercising since your skin’s upper layer might shed off together with the tan.
  • Moisturize your skin every night to keep it intact, which in turn will maintain your tan.
  • Avoid rubbing your towel on your skin after showering. Dab, pat or blot instead.
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How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost and Why?

So, now for the real question at hand. Exactly how much does a spray tan cost? On average, a spray tan can cost anything between $5 up to $75 plus. When you do it yourself, the cost is going to be cheaper. However, when you have it done at an exclusive salon where they enhance your cleavage, sculpt your body into a more athletic and toned physique as well as customize the color and type of the solution to fit your skin, it will cost you a bit more. Professional tanning takes both skill and time, therefore, expect to cough up a premium price for the service.

The price of a spray tan also varies depending on the brand of the spray tan, where you decide to get the spray tan from and whether you want a full body or half body tan among others.

Self-Tanning vs. Professional Spray Tanning

While getting a self-tan is cheap and offers a variety of tanning products and brands to choose from, professional tanning is better especially if you have a special occasion coming up. Contrary to common perception, not all spray tan experiences end up being horror stories. Provided there is effective communication between you and your tanning therapist, there is nothing to fear.

Despite the awkwardness of standing naked in front of a stranger, most tanning therapists are equipped with good enough social skills to keep you occupied and most importantly comfortable during the process. Also, there are spray tanning booths if you’re too conservative or uncomfortable to stand naked in front of someone else.

How Safe Is Spray Tanning

When asking how much does a spray tan cost, keep in mind that the monetary cost is far less than the toll traditional tanning can take on your health. Most people, who advocate for spray tanning, prefer this method because it not only gives the skin a perfect golden glow but also does not expose it to harmful UV rays. However, you should know what you are spraying into your body.

While the ingredients in spray tanning products vary from one brand to another, a majority of tanning solutions contain a chemical substance known as dihydroxyacetone commonly known as DHA. This chemical substance made from plant sugar reacts with the amino acids and proteins in your skin causing the cells on the surface to turn brown due to oxidation.

However, you should not assume that all spray tanning salons use natural solutions just because they contain DHA. If you have issues with the tanning solution’s ingredients, ask your tanning therapist to use organic spray solution for your tanning.

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How to Get Value for Your Money

When it comes to spray tanning, cost and worth are two different concepts. These two concepts are both important to keep in mind when asking how much does a spray tan cost. If you want to get value for your money go to a tanning salon that is reliable and trustworthy. Remember, it is not only your skin but also your image that you will be putting in jeopardy. If you are a newbie, get referrals from people you know or inquire about a particular tanning salon online. Similarly, you can look at their customer reviews and testimonials just to be sure about the kind of service to expect.

How Often Do I Need to Get a Spray Tan?

At this juncture, the question that is probably lingering at the back of your mind is how long does a spray tan last. Well, the general rule of thumb is that a spray tan should last between five to ten days. However, there are many things that can affect the duration of your perfect golden glow. For instance, if you shower immediately after getting your spray tan, the tan might come off. Other factors that might interfere with your tan include waxing and shaving after getting your spray tan.

How long you should wait before you go for your next spray tan appointment merely depends on how long your tan lasts. Once a week is okay, but you should consult with your tanning therapist before making any drastic decisions. In addition, you don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like a human carrot.

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Advantages of a Professional Spray Tan

Getting your spray tan done at a salon, by a beautician has its advantages. This is because:

  • You want an even tan.
  • A professional understands your skin and get a color that suits you well.
  • Most high-end salons offer protective gear that will prevent you from inhaling the spray tan solution.
  • All you have to do is stand there and let the professional do the spraying.
  • You won’t risk skin damage or premature aging.
  • Professionals offer quality tanning that will look natural on you.
  • There is no risk skin of skin cancer since they don’t use harmful ingredients.
  • It is quick with satisfactory results.

Is a Spray Tan Worth It?

There is nothing wrong with wanting that perfect-bronzed look all year round. After asking how much does a spray tan cost you may then wonder if the money is worth it. With an overwhelming number of products, spray tanning remains the most efficient way to get that golden glow. Also, it comes with many benefits. If you are ready to get that sun-kissed look, all you have to do is Google “spray tan near me” and get yourself an appointment.


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