Skip the salon and give yourself a bold new look from home with color changing hair dye. Hair dye can give your tresses a subtle or vibrant update, with long or short effects. This article goes over the types of color changing hair dye, how to apply it, and the top picks from the longest results to the shortest.

What Is Color Changing Hair Dye?

From Marilyn Monroe to the everyday consumer, hair dye has dramatically changed how people represent themselves. Color changing hair dye is used for a variety of reasons, such as hiding grays, temporary hues, or simply style changes. It is usually separated into three main categories: permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent.

Most people use a permanent dye to darken, lift a maximum of two levels, or mask grays. This color changing hair dye provides the most dramatic transformation and may use ammonia to produce effects. While it will not completely wash out, it can fade over time.

Sometimes the difference between demi and semi-permanent dyes can become convoluted. Semi-permanent, or temporary dye, usually only lasts for 4-6 days, whereas Demi-permanent lasts for about six weeks or 28 washes. Neither possesses the stronger chemicals found in permanent solutions. If you are trying to cover up gray hairs, demi-permanent may be a better option than semi-permanent.

Applying the Color Changing Hair Dye – Procedure

professional hairdressers applying hair dye on a client's hair

Step 1: Preparation

With the right preparation, your hair can not only recover from hair dye but look better than ever. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a color test before using the product on yourself. This will uncover any allergic reactions you could have to the product and help prevent excessive breakage. Make sure your hair is unwashed and hasn’t received any recent treatments.

Wear gloves when applying any dye. Even semi-permanent hair dye contains chemicals that may cause a reaction in sensitive skin. Make sure to cover up your clothes and neck with a cloth you’re willing to throw away.

Step 2: Section Hair

After you’ve mixed the developer and dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions, part your hair down the center and create four sections with the front and back areas. If you have thicker hair, it might be a good idea to divide your hair into eight sections. Split your hair in the middle, front, back, and then upper and lower sections.

 Step 3: Apply Color Dye

Each manufacturer has their own set of recommendations for application. However, there are a few general guidelines you can follow for salon-quality results. If you’re darkening your hair and it’s your first time using this dye, you’ll want to begin the application at the roots and work your way down.

However, if you’re lightening, be sure to apply the dye at least an inch from your roots and cover the roots later, after about fifteen minutes. Processing time varies so try to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and the results of the color test.

Step 4: Rinse

After you’ve allowed the dye to process, rinse thoroughly or until the water runs clear. If your hair is dry, add a little warm water to lather. Moreover, if you feel like your hair is dry or over-processed, you can forego shampooing. Otherwise, rinse with a colorfast shampoo to remove any remaining dye.

Hydrating your hair after dyeing is essential to recovery and soft tresses. The best hair dyes include enriching leave-in conditioners that can make your hair feel softer than before the dyeing.

 5 Top Color Changing Hair Dyes & Where to Buy

1: L’oreal Paris Excellence Crème

the front part of a L'Oreal Paris hair dye package

Currently listed for $7.97 at Walmart, L’oreal Paris Excellence Crème is one of the most highly-rated permanent hair dyes on the market. With over 35 shades, the dye comes with everything you need to get started and is extremely easy to apply. The greatest benefit of this product isn’t actually the dye. The dye includes an incredible leave-in conditioner that will produce beautiful results.

2: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème

a package of Garnier Nutrisse hair dye

If you’re looking for bold colors, check out Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème. This dye is inexpensive and boasts fresh, natural after-care ingredients, such as grape seed oil. You can purchase Garnier Nutrisse from most retailers but is currently listed for $6.97 at Walmart.

3: Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

a package of Clairol Natural Instincts color changing hair dye

For a less damaging experience, consider demi-permanent dye. Clairol Natural Instincts is ammonia-free, minimally damaging. Moreover, it contains natural after-care ingredients, such as avocado and aloe. The color typically lasts for six weeks, depending on how many times you wash your hair. You can find this dye at Target for $6.99.

4: Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Hair Color

several bottles of Wella Color Charm hair dye

Wella Color Charm gives you the closest salon-quality results possible at a minimal cost. In addition to rich, accurate colors, Wella allows you to use the developer of your choice. Furthermore, this can be a great asset if you suffer from a sensitive scalp that requires a special developer. You can currently find this dye at Sally’s Beauty Supply for 5.59 with a Sally membership, plus the cost of your choice when it comes to the developer.

5: Manic Panic

a jar of Manic Panic hair dye

For a bold, temporary look, check out Manic Panic. Manic Panic offers 35 vibrant dyes, ranging from hues of brilliant red to striking blues. This semi-permanent dye is gentle and composed of vegan ingredients. Manic Panic is the most expensive product, currently listed for 9.49 with your Sally card. However, if you’re looking for a hot look, it’s well worth the extra cost.

Putting It All Together

Spice up your look with color changing hair dye. You can purchase it with three levels of duration: permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent. Always practice careful preparation, application, and rinsing. Check out L’oreal Paris Excellence or Garnier Nutrisse for long-lasting color.

For shorter results, purchase Clairol Natural Instincts, Wella Color Charm, or Manic Panic. In conclusion, go ahead and take the plunge today and find the color changing hair dye that transforms your style.

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