Top 10 Perfect Easter Nail Designs to Boost Your Celebration Mood

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Nail art is a fun, and creative hobby–each of your nails is a little canvas waiting to become a masterpiece. Holidays make nail art especially fun because you can show off your spirit with designs on your fingers. With Easter on its way, you may be wondering what nail art you can paint to celebrate the day. Below is a list of the top 10 Easter nail designs, arranged from easiest to hardest to paint. Try one of these designs, and boost your Easter mood today.

10. Pretty Pastels

floral pastel nail design

One of the easiest Easter nail designs to create, pastel nails are a fun change from a basic one-color manicure. Simply choose a few pastel nail polishes, such as mint green, soft pink, and baby blue, and paint a different color on each nail. You can alternate colors, or make a random pattern. Either way, pastel nails are a sweet and subtle way to celebrate Easter in style.

9. Speckled Eggs

an Easter manicure with a bunny and speckled nails

To take your pastel manicure a step further, add a layer of black glitter polish over your colored nails. Make sure you use a polish that has a clear base with black glitter floating in it, rather than a glittery black polish. With the added glitter, your nails will look like speckled eggs, which are a staple decoration during Easter time. Plus, this super easy design looks way more complicated than it is.

8. Pastel French Nails

short nails with a pastel French manicure

For a fun Easter-inspired twist on a classic manicure, try a pastel French design. You can do a lot with this look, as the possible color combinations are nearly endless. For a more traditional French manicure, paint a nude base with pastel tips, or a pastel base with white tips. If you want even more color, make both your base and tip colors pastel. With these fun French Easter nail designs, you can look chic and classy while celebrating.

7. Polka Dots

a woman's hand wearing polka dots polish on her nails

Painting polka dots is an easy entry into more complex nail designs because the only tool you need for perfect dots is a toothpick. Choose two polish colors, one for the base and one for the dots. After painting your base color, dip the toothpick into your second color and place the polka dots where you want them.

For bigger dots, let the paint dry and build up on the toothpick. You can choose any two colors you want, from classic Easter pastels to black and white. Whatever you choose, polka dots are a bubbly and eye-catching design that’s perfect for spring.

6. Baby Chick

a 3D baby chick manicure with yellow and blue polish

Easter nail designs often feature farm animals, so this baby chick design is perfect for showing off your Easter spirit. First, paint all of your nails with a bright yellow polish. Then, use a toothpick to paint on black eyes, an orange beak, and orange feet.

If you want to take this design a step further, paint and fill in a jagged white line near the tip of your nail, which will look like a hatched egg. You can choose to paint only one chick as an accent nail or paint a hand full of chicklets for a super sweet Easter manicure.

5. Abstract Art

beautiful abstract art on a woman's nails

If animal-themed Easter nail designs aren’t your style, try an abstract design using bright spring colors. One pretty option is to swish different colors of polish across your nails using a fan brush–just stroke the brush back and forth horizontally using each color, which will create an eye-catching hand-painted design.

You can also paint each nail with random blocks, lines, and dots of different colors and thicknesses. Both techniques make your nails look like mini masterpieces, and the designs are versatile enough to wear even after Easter.

4. Pastel Plaid

a pastel plaid pattern on a woman's nails

If you can paint lines with a brush, you can create a unique plaid manicure. Although plaid often looks wintry, using pastel colors can bring the design into springtime. Getting the plaid pattern right can be tricky, so it helps to have a picture to reference while painting.

The process is simple, though: Paint your base color, and then follow the pattern with your choice of colors. For a simpler design, use two or three colors, and for a complex plaid, use up to six. A colorful plaid manicure will make your nails stand out at your Easter celebration.

3. Easter Eggs

an Easter eggs design on someone's nails

One of the most obvious Easter nail designs is painted eggs because you can hardly celebrate Easter without them. They’re pretty simple to paint, although you’ll need a thin nail art brush: Just paint your base color, which could be a pastel or creamy white, and then paint on squiggles, stripes, and dots with another color.

Easter egg designs look great by themselves, but you can also mix them with flowers, bunnies, polka dots, and chicks for a super festive manicure.

2. Mini Flowers

a beautiful floral pattern on a woman's nails

Blooming flowers are a sure sign that spring is here. You can welcome both spring and Easter on your nails with this floral manicure. First, paint on a light-colored base that will make the flowers pop; then, paint dark dots that will be the flowers’ centers.

Painting the petals is the tricky part: Swipe petal shapes with your brush around the dots, but try not to blend the petals together. Once you get used to the technique, this lovely flower design will certainly get you in the Easter spirit.

1. Easter Bunnies

a woman showing off her manicure with a Easter-related design

What list of Easter nail designs would be completed without an Easter bunny design? To draw a little Peter Cottontail on your fingertips, you will need a thin nail art brush, white polish, and pink polish. After you paint your base color, use your brush to draw and fill in a rabbit shape in white; you can draw a whole rabbit, or just the head and ears.

Next, use the same brush and the pink polish to paint on the bunny’s nose and inner ears. It requires a little skill, but an Easter Bunny design is the quintessential Easter nail art that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of options for Easter nail designs, no matter what your style or nail art experience is. Do you have a favorite design that’s not on this list? Feel free to share it with us!

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