Should You Cut Your Hair Short?

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

One of the many conundrums women have is whether or not to cut their hair short. It’s a big decision to make because it will change the way you look completely.

If you’re currently contemplating on cutting your hair, you have to take into consideration certain factors. Don’t make the mistake of deciding on impulse because that usually lead to regrets afterward.

Will You Look Good with Short Hair?

short-hairstyles-ideas-short-hairstylesThis should be the very first question to ask yourself. There are women who look great with short hair and there are those who don’t. Generally, a woman with a nice jawline, a long neck and sexy shoulders will become more attractive with short hair.

You also need to consider other things such as the type of hair you have. There are people with wavy hair, others with curly hair, and those with either frizzy, coarse, fine and straight hair. Experts say women with curly and coarse hair may not exactly be good candidates for short hair. Others also believe the best hair for short hairstyles are fine, straight or wavy hair. But really, it depends on what particular hairstyle you want.

The face shape is another thing to consider. Round faces look good with short hair that’s cut about 2 inches below the chin because this will elongate their face. The same is true for long oblong shaped faces. You can opt for a shag cut or a chin-length bob. However, those with oval faces should go for pixie hairstyle like Hailey Berry’s.

Can You Take Care of Your Hair?

Meg RyanOne of the reasons why women cut their hair short is because their long mane has become frizzy and unruly. They don’t have time to untangle their tresses and put on conditioning products to make their hair healthy and shiny. They dread blow-drying or ironing their hair because it takes up too much of their time.

But the truth is, you also need time to take care of short hair. Movie stars make it seem so easy. Take Meg Ryan for example with her adorable bed hair. You’d think she would never have to comb and style her hair at all. But she does and so do other short haired women.

Although the amount of time it takes to style and care for your short hair is significantly lower compared to long hair, nevertheless, you should set aside time to do so. That way, your hair will always look perfect no matter where you go.

Do You Feel Confident About It?

bangsJust like getting a tattoo, chopping your hair is a big decision and you’re going to get everyone’s attention no matter what. Are you confident enough? Are you 100% sure this is what you want? Don’t get us wrong, many many women look professional, chic and sophisticated with short hair and a quick look at any women’s magazine will prove this. But you have to be truly confident with this new look.

Choosing the Right Short Hairstyle

Women-Short-Hairstyles-for-Oval-FacesA new hairstyle will either be a complete success or an utter failure. Obviously you don’t want to end up with the latter. This is why you should choose the hairstyle you want carefully. You can check out the Web for suggestions on which haircut would look good on you. There are in fact websites which allow you to upload a photo of yourself and then you simply select from the list of hairstyles they have so you can see yourself in these cuts and decide which one would look good on you.

You may want to ask your friends for their opinions. You can also talk to the hairstylist so both of you can choose from among their sample haircuts. Make sure to tell them exactly what outcome you want. If you can show them photos of possible styles then even better.

Summer is here and every woman wants to look her best. You’ve worked out for months to have a toned body so now it’s time to complete your sizzling look by choosing a new hairstyle.

If you have finally decided to cut your hair short and have picked a particular hairstyle, it’s time to go to a salon and let a professional hairstylist do their magic.


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