How to Detangle Hair in Seconds

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Detangling hair can be an absolute mess, especially when summertime rolls around. Pool water, the ocean breeze and many other elements ruin your hair. Seems very relatable doesn’t it? Want to learn how to detangle hair? Hair can be either the best thing or the worst when it comes to tangles. Certain products like hair detangler spray can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to getting out of the shower. If you are very active, have thick hair, play sports, or anything along those lines, you must be dying of learning how to detangle your hair in a very short amount of time rather than taking forever to brush out every piece. You’ve spent too many years fighting your tangled hair, it’s time to step above and win the fight once and for all!

Best Tips to Detangle Hair (Brush Properly)

  1. Use a wide tooth comb
  2. Part your hair into sections
  3. Comb small sections
  4. Start combing from the bottom and work your way up
  5. Use leave in conditioner when your hair is damp or wet
  6. Follow a routine everyday or every other day to keep your hair on a schedule
  7. Massage the leave in conditioner in with your hands
  8. Leave your conditioner in your hair when in the shower for no longer than 5 minutes
  9. Use mineral oil
  10. Be gentle

Best Way to Detangle Hair

Looking for the best way to detangle your hair or the best product ? Here’s what we found.

First off you need to make sure you have the right kind of brush. It is strongly suggested that you use the wide tooth comb to get the knots out and then use your regular brush at the very end to finish it off. If you use a hairdryer to dry your hair, you will benefit greatly by towel drying your hair instead. You will slowly see long term affects on your hair for the better once you start towel drying instead. Next you should get a detangler spray. You apply this typically when your hair is wet or damp. You should definitely apply this before trying to brush out your hair as well. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the best five detangler sprays.

Best Hair Detangler (Top 5)

1. “Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Product”

“It’s a 10” is very popular and widely used throughout the world. It is noted as one of the best detanglers for any type of hair, whether it be men, women, or children. It is rather expensive but offers over 5 benefits for your hair. Different size bottles of this can be purchased for more or less money as the sizes differ. The average person can find this product at beauty salons and hair salons. This product is one of the best ways to detangle hair.

  • Protect hair from excessive heat
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Add shine
  • Control frizz
  • Protects hair color
  • Detangles
  • Prevents split ends
  • Makes hair stronger and softer

This product does more than detangle your hair and that is one of the reasons why the word “miracle” is in the title on the bottle. The little purple bottle really does do more than it was ever expected to and you will be surprised at the outcome this little bottle does on your hair. It is spray in, making it easier to get it spread out properly.

2. “Johnsons No More Tangles” Spray Detangler



This spray has been noted to instantly get the knots and tangles out of your hair. This detangler product is among some of the best ones out on the market and can be trusted to get the job done for any kinds of hair. These products really do work if you use them correctly. They will not completely take it away but they will make the tangles easier to brush and softer to get a brush through. This product can be used on wet or dry hair as opposed to the product above being designed for wet hair specifically. This product is much cheaper than “Its a 10”, and has a no tear formula. The no tear formula is perfect for children and fragile or thin hair.

3. Unite 7Seconds Leave-in Conditioner


This product can be used on wet or dry hair and is made for extreme ease. With this product, your hair will be…

  • Softer
  • Smoother
  • Easier to Take Care Of
  • Manageable

4. Original Sprout Miracle Datangler


Original Sprout is said to be ideal for adults as well as babies and children because of the no tear formula used. When you use it on dry hair, people have said that it feels like a “just washed” type of feeling or a clean feeling. Original Sprout is meant to restore damaged hair and take care of any ends or damaged pieces. It has non-irritating effect and uses many vitamins and natural minerals to get the job done instead of many chemicals and other expensive products. This is one of the more organic bottles of detangler.

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner

Source: www.wisebread

Last but not least we have Healthy Sexy Hair! Not only does this product work to get knots out but it also works to make your hair healthier and repairs damages that it comes across. The light scent makes your hair feel light and cleaner than ever. The title usually attracts the younger crowd and can be bought at about 12 dollars a bottle. The price is definitely worth the outcome because easy hair is almost the key to happiness.


Hair Detangler Brush

There are many hair detangler brushes that are designed to be gentle but get the job done. These can be the best thing you’ve ever bought if you brush you hair the correct way and combine the effect with the leave in conditioner or detangler spray as mentioned above. They are designed to glide gently through your hair and create the least amount of pain as possible.

Tangle Teezer Brush

This brush is great for gently untangling your pesky hair knots. This product is not only highly reviewed, but it gets great reviews!


Especially with kids who scream and cry every time they get their hair brushed, these brushes will give them a sense of trust and make them feel much better about what they think you are doing to their hair.



You can find these brushes by going on amazon or in beauty salons and searching “detangler brush”. A variety of different kinds of brushes will show up for you to pick from. They range anywhere from $5.00-$15.00 based on strength and quality.

These brushes are the best bet to detangle matted hair. Matted hair can also be controlled with a wide toothed comb and spray. Natural detangler or home made detangler can also be made to use on your hair if you want to save some money.

Natural Hair Detangler (Homemade Detangler Spray)

Marshmallow Root Detangling Spray

Detangler Spray by Mary Banducci 4



  • 3 Cups Water
  • 6 Tablespoons Marshmallow Root
  • 6 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Use up to 50 drops of essential oils


Get a pot of boiling water and add the marshmallow root in. Once it boils with the marshmallow root, bring the heat down and let it sit in the pot for 20 minutes. Once this step is finished, you will now want to strain the pot.

In a separate bowl, mix together the essential oils and vinegar. Let this mixture sit for a few minutes and then take a fork or a mixing tool and mix with force for a few minutes. When you are finished mixing the oils, add the marshmallow and put into a spray bottle.

How to Use: Before every use, you want to mix very well. This can be spritz into wet or dry hair because it is fairly light. Many people have said that they put the bottle on stream setting and then work it through their hair. An important step is to wait for the spray to set before brushing it out.

TIP: Keep this spray in the fridge and make a new batch every 4-5 weeks.


Do you have any favorite tricks to detangle your hair?


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