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Eyebrow threading originated in India, but has made it’s way to the United States in the past year or two and has been a salon and spa staple ever since it’s introduction. This technique is often referred to as khite or fatlah, which are both Arabic terms for “threading”. Threading gained popularity from Bollywood actresses having such crisp, clean eyebrows and gained a lot of recognition from the western hemisphere, where it’s popularity would skyrocket into success. Don’t think you are limited to just your eyebrows when it comes to threading, however! Threading can be used all over the body for precise lines and intense accuracy, and also if you have a fear of hot waxes or shaving, or a time limit.  



What is threading?


Threading is commonly used in the Middle East and India for perfect eyebrows on women with dark complexions and dark hair on their face. The thread itself is typically made of cotton, and it’s twisted (almost like the game “Cat’s Cradle”) until it loops around itself and can be easily manipulated to twist quickly in a straight line. The stylist then aligns the string in the desired shape of the brow, and pulls the string back and forth, causing the hairs to be entangled in the twists of the thread, pulling them out in a straight line. This is repeated until the area is clean cut and there aren’t any stray hairs lying around.


Does Threading Hurt?


Threading takes hairs out by the follicle, which is the white root at the end of each hair that keeps it attached and growing. It will cause discomfort as they are done, because they are in fact pulling individual lines of hair out. Do not let the discomfort get in the way of trying this technique. There is much less pain than getting it waxed, and there is less of a risk than taking a razor to your desired areas.


Keep in mind, taking hairs out by the follicle (like in waxing and threading) will cause the hairs to grow back from scratch, meaning there will be more time between the treatment and when you start seeing the hairs grow back. If you bleed slightly while this happens, that means the follicle has died, and a hair won’t grow back to replace the one that was threaded/waxed/plucked out. This is a good thing!


How Much Time/Money Does Threading Require?


Threading can cost anywhere from under ten dollars to over forty. In order to ensure a quality job done, look for a stylist that will spend 10 minutes or more doing your brows, and more for other areas of the body. If done incorrectly, you’ll be left with stray hairs, uneven lines, and possibly irritated skin or ingrown hairs.


Why Should I Thread?


Threading is the fastest, most precise, and newest alternative hair removal treatment.  When getting eyebrows threaded by a professional stylist, there is no risk of ingrown hairs, uneven brows, or hair breakage. It takes less time than plucking and tweezing away hairs, it hurts less than wax, and it removes hairs for a longer period of time than shaving. It’s common for people to say that it’s relaxing to get done, as you’re not waiting in anticipation for a strip of hot wax to be ripped off your body, or carefully shaving your body hair while twisting your body like a contortionist to get all the nooks and crannies. The sensation of threading can be painful at first, but it’s manageable after the first minute, especially if it’s your first time. However, do not do this by yourself. Unless you are a trained professional, you should leave the threading to the employees at the salon. It takes immense amounts of precision to get even eyebrows, and one wrong move could make you look like you have zebras instead of eyebrows.


Should I Try Threading?
Absolutely! It virtually cannot hurt you, because there are no allergens involved nor hot wax or razor blades. If you have a salon that does threading in your area and a few extra dollars, I highly recommend trying out eyebrow threading. Who knows, it could be the secret to your perfect brows!

before and afterIf this article wasn’t enough to convince you to try threading, here’s a yelp reviewer’s photo of her brows, before and after getting them threaded.


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