DIY Avocado Hairmasks

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Ever think of avocado being a great nutrient for your hair? Well, it is one of the best. Avocado has many benefits to the hair. Many do not think of avocado being something that you would put in your hair, for obvious reasons.

Benefits To Your Hair


Your hair will feel as soft as a babies bottom. If your hair tends to be very drive then this hair mask will help with that issue. No more of being embarrassed about itching your scalp.

Rich In Vitamins

The avocado is rich and thriving in vitamins. Vitamin B and E are very present in the avocados. If you see yourself losing more hair then you please, try the avocado mask. Vitamin B and E will help strengthen your scalp and will improve your hair loss issues.

Prevent Split Ends

If you find your hair frizzy or unhealthy look it can be due to your split ends. The only useful thing you can find yourself doing with split ends is picking them. Though this might be entertaining it is very bad for your hair. When you pick at your split ends it only makes them go up higher. To help keep the split ends away, the avocado hair mask will help.

Heat Protectant

Instead of buying all of those expensive heat protectant products, just use the avocado hair mask. The hair mask will work as a heat protectant just without using all the harsh chemicals that you will find in the store products.


There is not just one way to make your avocado hair mask. You can add different things and leave out others.

Avocado And Honey Hair Mask Made With Olive Oil

1  ripe avocado

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Essential oils (optional)

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.00.15 PM

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In a large bowl you are going to want to smash up all of the avocado. You want to avoid having any lumps in the mix.  You want to continue to smash until you have a paste like substance.

Before applying you are going to want to make you hair damp. Apply the mask throughout the hair. Focusing on the split ends of your hair, you will want to apply more to the ends. Apply all over your head in a massage motion. Allow the mixture to sit in your hair for 40-45 minutes. It will be best if you sit with your hair sitting in a shower cap just so it does not get anywhere. After you let it sit, wash your hair until you feel like you have gotten all of the product out of your hair.

Avocado And Banana Hair Mask

1 ripe avocado

1 ripe banana

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Drops of you favorite essential oil (optional)

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Blend the avocado and banana together until it forms a paste like substance. Add the olive oil and essential oil if you chose to do that. For this hair mask you are also going to want to massage it throughout the scalp and focus on your ends. For this mask leave in your hair for about 15 minutes.  Repeat the process of rinsing your hair until you do not have any product left in your hair.




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