You may think you are stuck at that awkward stage where you hair is laying right on your shoulders. I have been here and yes, it does get very frustrating. Some our hair is either too thin, thick, curly or just a big mess that we think we will forever be stuck with. But there are hairstyles that will do for all types of shoulder length hair and you will look fabulous!

Long Bob

This sexy long bob is the look all the boys will be chasing for. Thick hair would fit good for this cut. You want it to bounce and if you have thin hair the look will just look pressed against your head. You want some volume with this hair do.

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Messy Waves

This look reminded me of Beyonce’s hair in the XO music video which is just to die for. The messy wave look is what every girl wants to pull off. If you have a lot of hair then this look might be a good look for you. You want the hair to have a bug messy look to it. If you tend to have frizzy hair then this look would be a great fit because this look tends to have a messy feel anyways.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.18.11 PM

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Julianne Hough. Enough said. Her gorgeous blonde hair is a look anyone can pull off. Thick or thin hair you can do it. If you just have thick hair then you can part like usual and wand some of your hair for the messy look. If you have thin hair you can do what Julianne did in this photo. You can part your hair differently and bring more hair from your one side to the other side. You can also tees your hair as needed to get the volume.  Adding layer to this look would help build the volume that you want.

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Pin Back

This is an everyday hair do that no matter what type of hair you have you can do it. All you need it a few bobby pins to complete the look. You just want to grab the top sides of your hair and wrap it around to the back of your head. When you have it in the middle of your head then you can bobby pin it into place. If you have thin hair this may be a better look for you just because it will help to make your hair look bigger when you pull back the hair and you get more volume on the top.  Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.18.57 PM

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Shave It

If you just want to be a little edgy, then this look is for you. Shaving the side of your head is defiantly a statement. Anyone can do this to their hair curly, straight, thin or thick. You can even shave more then what is seen in this picture. The amount that you shave is completely up to you.

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The bottom line is no matter what hairstyle the cut is ‘supposed’ to be for it is your hair and if you want to try it then go for it. It is hair and in the end it ill all grow back.