Easy Care Tips for Colored Hair

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

It has always been a struggle for women when it comes to taking care of their hair, especially dyed hair. Luckily, out of the many innovations on hair technology today, it is good to know that hair treatments, color treatments and hair styling techniques have become easy and safe (considering that many companies offer organic and easy to use products) that can be purchased by anyone on various personal care stores.

Aside from investing on slightly expensive hair care treatments in salons, which will take a few hours of your time, there are some ways to maintain and even improve the glow and beauty of your colored hair. Here are some easy tips you may want to consider:

Less Shampoo, More Conditioner

Easy Care Tips for Colored HairLet’s admit it, we tend to think that using more shampoo would help our hair grow silkier, stronger and healthier. Aside from that, exposure to the outside world always makes us use shampoo every day to eliminate the smell and dust. What we are missing is that applying shampoo everyday can actually make our hair drier and more brittle, as the natural oils are washed off every time.

Also, avoid applying shampoo for the first 3-4 days after dying your hair to allow the dye to stick to each strand. This also decreases the chances of washing off the color from your hair. Instead, use more conditioner, of course, to condition and relax your scalp and hair. It is also important to deep condition once a week, and get yourself some hot oil treatments from your favorite salon once a month.

Stay Away from too much Heat

Easy Care Tips for Colored HairAnother thing to keep in mind when dying your hair is the fact that your hair has become more prone to breakage. Therefore, it is never, ever a good idea to expose your hair to direct sunlight. Yes, cover up when possible. Use a scarf or a hat and try not to put up a tight hairstyle. As always, comfortable and slightly loose hairstyles can lessen the chances of pulling and tearing your hair which may cause breakage.

In addition, keep away from blow dryers, curlers and straighteners. Many are tempted to use these hair care appliances, particularly those who are working in a corporate company. However, as mentioned above, anything that will make your hair even dryer is never a good idea. Keep everything simple, love your own curls, show off your waves and let your colored straight hair show its own beauty.

Use Organic Home Treatments

Easy Care Tips for Colored HairIt has been mentioned above that you need to visit your salon for a hot oil treatment once a month. However, for those who do not have the luxury of time to spend hours in their favorite parlor shops, it is impeccable to know that there are home treatments that can be bought online and be applied at home.

What’s even more inspiring is that aside from the regular hair treatments you can find in the market, there are companies that are offering organic hair treatments as well. This is best for women who are allergic to certain chemicals and have sensitive scalp and skin. Lastly, one can also use home treatments like Argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil.

With these easy tips, you will never go wrong with your dyed hair. Always keep in mind that beautiful and healthy hair does not require too much cost. It needs your attention, your patience and of course, your desire to have that desirable colored hair. Lastly, remember not to over style though, as you already have that radiant dyed hair to show off.


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