Men’s Hair Tips to Easily Get Hired

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Just like women, men do have a hard time when applying for a job, style wise. As unlike what most people think, men also have to think about what they need to wear, what they should wear, what their shoes should be and what specific hairstyles should they have in order to get hired.

Of course, when it comes to proving yourself worthy of the job, corporate companies do not only check your profiles, resume and curriculum vitae; everything from your educational attainment to the style of your hair matter on that very day. Hence, here are some hair tips on how your hair should be and look like to get hired easily.

Keep it Short and Manageable

Men’s Hair Tips to Easily Get HiredRemember that first impressions last and the very last thing that you do not want the interviewers to think is how messy you look on your interview. Although there are companies that hire men with long hair, it is always best to play it safe and just keep your hair as short and manageable as possible. There are a lot of short hairstyles that you can choose from, just make sure that what you have/will have suite the shape of your face.

Nevertheless, if you think your hair is already at the shortest length as it can get, you can still go on and just make sure that it is manageable. Always consider your hair type. If you have a not-so-short, wavy hair that actually looks messy at some point, you may want to reconsider not getting a cut.

Avoid Unnecessary Hair Color and Style

Men’s Hair Tips to Easily Get HiredOne very important point to check, as aforementioned, is your hairstyle. Know that short hair doesn’t only pertain to a single hair style. There are several short hairstyles that you can choose from and some may not be appropriate for job interviews and even working on a corporate company. For example, if your hairstyle is too edgy, too sharp or too fashionable, then it might not get you anywhere.

Keep in mind that you are not attending a fashion show, or a party for that matter. This goes the same with having a hair color. Stick to your natural hair color and avoid dying it with red, blonde or even put highlights on it. Know that everything that happens in a job interview should not be overlooked as you will be facing the Human Resource head or your desired department’s manager.

Wax, not Gel

Men’s Hair Tips to Easily Get HiredAs many people say, use wax, not gel. Even the littlest details on managing your hair are very important. You do not want to look too stylistic and informal, or look indifferent at all. Using wax on your short hair would allow you to have more styles on a more manageable way. Add to that the fact that wax looks more natural on you compared to applying gel. However, control the amount of wax you will apply on your hair as it would be greasy if it is too much.

On the other hand, using gel may make your hair look to edgy and crispy and may not suite your attire. Lastly, gel can be unhealthy for your scalp and cause you to have dandruff flakes. That would be the last thing you want your interviewers to see, right?

On a different note, though your looks are very imperative on a job interview, your confidence acts as the cherry topping. With great, clean looks, good personality, the desire for the job, an impressive resume and the right amount of confidence, it is indisputable that your employers will be impressed and will hire you without doubts in no time.


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