3 Simple Ways to Have Long Beautiful Nails

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

It is interesting to know that most women consider their finger nails a part of their fashion statement. It has become one of the several trends of women to know ways to have long, beautiful nails. However, it is important to remember that finger nails are still part of our body and health is still and should always be the main reason for pampering it.  Apart from getting your nails done at your favorite salon regularly, here are three simple ways to have the long beautiful nails you have been eyeing on.

Go to a Salon or Do your own Nails

3 Simple Ways to Have Long Beautiful NailsFirst and foremost, to have those long beautiful nails, you need to start right. Go visit your favorite salon if you have your spare time and make sure that the attendant that will do your nails is known to be best in that job. Many women end up disappointed as they would choose to go to cheap salons instead of investing on a more expensive salons with experienced staff. One of my favorite places to go is Regal Nails.

Remember that instead of saving cost, you will just end up doing it all over again, doubling the cost and of course, the time you have spent. However, for women who are on a tight budget, you can opt to do your own nails, at the comfort of your homes.

When doing your nails at home, make sure to consider a few things. First, know your desired nail length. You do not want it to be untidy long and painfully short. Second, don’t forget to file them down. Filing the nails will keep them smooth and even.

Last point to consider is the nail polish you will be applying. Of course, when we say beautiful, it means those nails are polished and radiant. Don’t worry, you can use clear nail polish if you’re not a fan of colored nail polishes. On the other hand, if you want glowing, sexy nails, use colors that will surely match your skin color.

Be Healthy

3 Simple Ways to Have Long Beautiful NailsAs mentioned earlier, as nails are part of our body, it is of course significant to have good health to maintain its glow. In relation to this, unhealthy nails signify an unhealthy body. Thus, discolorations, brittleness and changes in growth can indicate health issues (e.g. lung, kidney, liver diseases, anemia, and diabetes.)

Always eat and live healthy, don’t stick your nose to eating only meat but also consume vegetables and fruits. Few of the very important nutrients that should not be overlooked are the following: vitamin C, A, D, E, zinc, folic acid, protein, B complex, calcium and many more.

It does not end there. Moisturizing is also very important to maintain your long beautiful nails. There are numerous hand and nails moisturizing products in the market nowadays, making it easy for you to pick one and apply on your hands every night, or even every time you feel your hands are dry.

Like hair treatments, you can also find organic products for your hands and/or home remedies that are also effective. Some of which that you may want to use are jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe vera, white and green tea, and/or flax seed oil.

Maintain Proper Nail Protection

3 Simple Ways to Have Long Beautiful NailsThis is simple. Your hands are just as delicate as your hair. Do not overlook simple things, specifically protecting your nails. Never, ever use your nails as tools for opening anything, know that you are wearing nail polish. You don’t want to go scratching your beautiful nail polish, do you? Lastly, if you need to do the dishes or clean stuff with chemicals, ALWAYS use a pair of gloves.

Always keep in mind that fingernails grow about 1/8 inch every month. So, as long as you do your nails correctly and you maintain the cleanliness, health and vivacity of your nails, you will be on the right track to achieving your long beautiful nails.


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