From shoulder-length bobs to close-to-the-nape pixie crops, you can’t come up “short” with short hairstyles because they are actually more versatile than you think. Winter is dreadful on hair, and treating yours this Spring with some rich, creamy conditioning hair wax or mask helps restore protein and moisture to dry and lackluster hair.

Shiny, bouncy, long hair still sounds good but Spring is all about the emergence of new life, right? That means fresh color and a fresh cut to enhance a “new you,” at least for one season! Discover the “freedom” that short hair brings and how chic and edgy it can be with the right styling.

Accent Your Eyes and Draw Attention to Your Cheekbones

If you have a heart or an oval shaped face plus fine features, a short hairstyle will be ideal for you. If you want to “play safe,” though, with hair that’s not too short, keep some of your hair’s longer layers on top for a soft touch. If you feel bold, on the other hand, just go boy short like Miley Cyrus and enhance your fine facial features with soft make-up and a delicate pair or earrings. Short hairstyles are becoming de rigueur even in Hollywood. Think Jennifer Law(rence).

Short hairstyles enhance the eyes, draw attention to cheekbones, and give the whole face “character,” something long hairstyles overlook with all that mane. And short hairstyles can be challenging to have more than longer hairstyles because short hairstyles demand a certain kind of confidence to them. Any of these cuts are a must-try, and with some new Spring color, your short hair can be both hot and cool this season.

The Must-Try Short Hairstyles This Spring 2014



Opt for shorter hair at the sides to give you that sexy, awesome look. Get a fresh, nude, “no make-up” make-up and come out a winner.

Straight, short cut accented with bangs

Round faces will have an easy time maintaining this kind of hairstyle.

Modern, short bob

The bob has always ruled any season, is always trendy, and looks elegant whether the woman who has it is in jeans or a ball-gown.
Short bob with bangs

Short bob with bangs

The layers of the cut and the bangs frame the face beautifully and accentuate the eyes.

Short sides with curled fronts

Women with auburn hair and green to hazel-colored eyes will look exceptionally stunning with this cut.

Short Mohawk

If you’re the type whose middle name is edgy, this short hairstyle can help you make that statement loud and clear among fashionistas.


This cut gives an assertive look to the woman who wears it. Think Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, and, yes, Jennifer Lawrence.

Short and curly

Short and curly

Women who have naturally curly hair should take advantage of it for that naturally edgy and strong yet feminine look. Halle Berry take a bow!

Accessorize and Color Your Short Hairstyle

What’s there not to try with a short hairstyle? Aside from being low maintenance, short hairstyles are flexible and fun to accessorize! Colorful butterfly-shaped clips, tiny, dainty flower barrettes or shiny headbands add a certain charm to short hairstyles. Short hair can be more chic than long hair with the right accessories.

Short hairstyles are easier to color, too. And this season, colors are moving far from heavy, traditional highlights and moving toward light, multidimensional coloring. Brunettes with bronze highlights, blondes in sandy shades, and redheads sporting soft honey streaks are all “in” this Spring.