These days, coloring one’s hair is as common as pedicures and manicures. With the numerous options for hair coloring, it’s not surprising that men and women alike are changing their hair color. In case you are also considering to have the color of your hair changed, you might want to learn everything you need to know before doing so.

Prior to the Treatment

woman coloring  her hairsThe first thing that you have to understand in coloring your hair is that the darker the color, the more damaging it is to the hair. Going lighter basically requires the removal of color and moisture from the hair, while going darker requires putting in color into your tresses. This is particularly true if you have dry or damaged hair. The reason is that your locks will have to be exposed to a harsh chemical which is bleach.

Since this is your first time to color your hair, the chances are good that you’ll love what you’ll see after the hair coloring treatment. The healthier the hair is, or the less color treatments it has had, the better it would look after a coloring treatment. You may also use regular deep conditioning formula for your hair a few weeks before you see a stylist to ensure that your tresses are in the best shape possible.

Don’t wash your hair when you go to a salon or have a stylist come over to your place for the hair color treatment. Don’t be embarrassed about it because your stylist would love working on your dirty hair since color sticks better to soiled locks. Clean hair, in fact, can be too slippery resulting to the color unable to hold on.

Washing your hair before coloring may also cause the bleaching chemical to burn your scalp. Additionally, it can cause the removal of natural oils of the hair. So forget about shampooing your hair prior to meeting up with your stylist.

Choosing a Color

You may have been motivated to change the color of your hair after seeing your favorite Hollywood star change hers. But the color of her hair may not be the right one for you. In choosing a color for your hair, use the natural color of your hair as your basis. The rule of thumb is to not go more than two shades lighter or darker than your hair’s natural color.

If you insist on a color that is very different from the natural color of your hair, or you want a two-tone hair then you should definitely see a professional stylist. Never attempt to color your hair by yourself to avoid potential hair disasters.

In case you plan to have the color change at home, keep in mind that the color shown on the box is not always the hue that you’ll get. You ought to do a strand test to ensure that you are not sensitive to the hair color product and more importantly, that you are satisfied with the color.

After Coloring the Hair

After you have colored your hair, wait for at least two days before washing it. This will give your hair color enough time to settle in and cling on to your hair strands.

Ask your stylist for conditioner brands that can be useful in retaining the hair color. You may also ask for recommendations for shampoos that can care and enhance the look of your newly colored locks. You should also buy spray-in conditioners with UV filters so that the hair strands will be protected against the harmful rays of the sun.

Use shine enhancing products like smoothing shine for your dark hair color to bring out the shine out of your hair. You must also make it a habit to use hair treatment on a regular basis to keep the hair color in the best condition.

Finally, consider hair coloring as a regular activity. Since trips to the salon can be costly, you can settle for a low cost hair coloring product that you can apply at home. If you have the money to spend on hair color at the salon, then have your hair colored every six months.