Four Natural Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Do you want your hair to grow fast? Have you tried using all those products that their manufacturers advertise as being 100% effective in growing hair fast?

In the truest sense of the word, there is no such thing as quick hair growth. The closest thing to such myth is to stimulate the growth of the hair. This can be achieved by following these tips:

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Vitamin-CFollowing a healthy diet is important if you want to have long hair. Eating foods rich in protein and vitamins like B and C can induce hair growth. Vitamin C is particularly important because it is essential in the production of collagen. You can get vitamin C from fruits like orange and pineapple.

On the other hand, the B vitamins can hinder hair loss and breakage. Eating foods like fish, nuts, milk, dried apricots, asparagus, spinach, bananas, and potatoes can prevent hair loss.

Regular Brushing of Hair

grow hair faster by using a brushYou might have heard before how brushing your hair by 100 strokes a day will make your crowning glory even longer. While the benefit of brushing 100 strokes per day is inaccurate, there is some truth to the effects of regular hair brushing.

One, regular brushing of the hair cleanses your hair even better than any shampoo. Regular brushing gets rid of waste materials from your scalp like uric acid crystals and other impurities that may stick to the scalp. This activity also stimulates the blood capillaries, in turn improving blood circulation and speeding up the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the root of the hair.

Regular hair brushing likewise stimulates the glands that produce oil and hormones, thereby keeping the pores open and thus activating breathing. This is also makes the hair able to retain its natural oils.

Minimize Stress

yoga_stress_reliefStress is one of the reasons why your hairline is thinning. Stress can trigger a chemical reaction in our bodies that can have a negative impact in our health. These changes are then reflected on the outside. Do you notice how haggard looking you are after working overtime for several consecutive nights?

There are many ways for you to cope with stress. Unwind after a stressful day at work by having dinner with your family, or having a few drinks with your friends. You can also do light exercise in the morning prior to going to the office, or having a massage in the middle of the week.

All of these activities can reduce your stress, improve your overall health and consequently improve your hair’s state. You’ll notice less falling hair after you have learned how to cope with stress.

Minimize Hair Damage

woman-in-sun-hat-fighting-wrinklesAnother way to hasten the growth of your hair is to minimize the damage to it caused by the use of shampoos. Certain ingredients in shampoos can make you lose hair, so you should first read the labels of these products before buying. In particular, be wary of shampoos that have sodium laurel sulfate, lanolin, petroleum, mineral oil, methylparaben and propylparaben. Shampoos that are rich in these ingredients can dry out your hair, and cause it to break down.

Shampoos are not the only ones responsible for hair damage that can prevent you from having a long and healthy hair. Styling tools and precuts like curlers, colorings, straighteners and other hair treatments can also damage your hair and prevent it from fully maximizing its growth potential.

And we’re not only talking of chemicals here. Even simple things like wearing a ponytail or wearing tight braids can break or damage your hair. The rule of thumb is to stay away from any style that causes a lot of pressure on any part of your hair.

Even the sun’s rays can damage your hair. If your work requires you to be outdoors for most part of the day, make sure you have hair protection like a cap, hat, or hood.

While there is no scientifically proven method in making the hair grow quickly, you can still hasten its growth by following a diet rich in vitamins. Regular brushing of the hair also helps, along with minimizing stress and damage to this part of the body.


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