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Famous Hair, as so many other banners are, is part of the well-known, decorated Regis Corporation. With tremendously talented stylists and awarded with countless accolades, they have become a staple in the hair service industry. To be more specific, Famous Hair salon really belongs to the Promenade Salon Group. As a part of this respected, well-accomplished group, Famous Hair looks to continue expanding and providing near perfect customer service to their clientele.

They are only dedicated to providing fast, efficient service every second of the hour. They make it a focal point to train the staff to the bristle and hone their skills as they reach their potential and ceiling. Clientele can walk in with a small window of time and still exit the salon with unbelievable gratification as their needs will be accommodated. The newest, most fashionable of styles will be accomplished at your request at Famous Hair. But do not just consider the professionalism and craftsmanship of the staff, also keep in mind that they are friendly, social-minded friends that will make a client feel at home.

Below are the latest estimated Famous Hair prices and services.

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Famous Hair knows what it takes. That being said, in this industry it takes going the extra mile. Famous Hair blesses their staff with the most extensive and beneficial of training and adequate education necessary to succeed in their field. These employees are the main and most helpful assets to the company that have a great part in reeling customers in and keeping them coming back. It makes sense to invest genuine time and effort into them. They pair newbie employees with Senior employees as this will expedite experience and skillset to provide quality service as soon as possible. Employees are educated in the newest, trendiest fashions, trends, and cuts on the market. A healthy emphasis is placed on connecting with customers and the ultimate goal of going the extra mile and making a subtle, if not great, difference in a client’s day.


There is a plethora of services offered by Famous Hair, which varies from cuts, hairstyling, hair coloring, and highlighting. To name a few, services include perming, relaxing conditioning treatments, and trimming of bangs or beard, particularly for men. These services are further enhanced by the elite, reliable beauty products utilized by the company and its employees.

Famous Hair accommodates young and old, men and women alike. To reach more demographics and classes of people, the company makes sure to offer bargain services so anyone can feel fashionable and great about themselves every once in a while. To mothers, fathers, and kids who are looking for value as well as quality, Famous Hair is a sanctuary of sorts.

Famous Hair houses a Hair Gallery that can give you a good inclination of what you want to look like. For the men, an Alex Cut should easily suffice for those seeking a clean, crisp, and trendy look. For the classic aesthetic the Erik Cut is a certified bargain. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if you long for a wild, telling look then the Devin style should suit your adventurous ego.

For women, of course there are even more options. The Julie style makes use of vibrant colors with a bouncy feel. The Candace places an emphasis on layers, long and a lot of them. But maybe you are a Brianna who likes to keep it straight and classy. Or are you relaxed? The Erin cut favors you. For a vibrant, exciting aesthetic you should be a Kristen. A carefree girl? The long, shiny look of Vanessa would make you proud. And, well, if you’re a Barbie then the Yvonne look is heaven-sent.


Famous Hair salon does have a program in which they give discounts and special promos when you visit frequently. Special brands used in styling and finishing offer discounts to loyal customers. A select few of these brands include Matrix, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell and Regis Designline. They even carry amazing gift cards which can make for a fantastic gift for a friend or colleague. Any Famous Hair salon in your area should have these excellent special promotions. Get them while you can!


Candice S., a loyal client, posted a raving review on the popular website Yelp about her very first visit at Famous Hair. She referred to the time when she met a new employee whose name was Olive. Candice had only uplifting things to say about her, saying “She was awesome!” She pinpointed some particular characteristics of Olive, saying she was a good listener as she recommended which one would be “best fit for my hair type and lifestyle.” She was extremely satisfied as she left the shop. She made a promise that she would never go anywhere else as she definitively “found my hairstyle.”

Ashley M. also had lovely things to say about Famous Hair. In her post, she mentioned that she is satisfied with Famous Hair and for years has been coming back for the unbeatable prices and services. Ashley said “I love, love, love the service.” She particularly spoke about Howard, her stylist, who was so warm in welcoming her and giving her expert advice to achieve her ideal look. His styling services got the job done every time as she claimed she was overjoyed with the final result always. She ended saying Howard truly “cares about his clientele.”

Anything can be done when passion, superior service, and genuine care for the customer is the formula for success. Famous Hair has upheld their end of the bargain to provide clientele with extravagant hair styling coupled with undoubtedly the finest products on the market. As their slogan says, “we have everything you need.” And they do.

To set up an appointment with Famous Hair or for more information, visit their official site at www.getthelook.com.


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