Fiesta Salon Prices

It is rare that people don’t agree it’s important to stay looking your best. Your hygiene, health and aesthetic all contribute to the first impression you will give someone. All of these things impact your everyday look and style. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take it seriously.

And to show you are serious about proper grooming and hygiene, that would call for going to a professional salon that is serious themselves about the same things you are. Said professional salon would and should probably be Fiesta Salon if you are looking to achieve a sexy, bold look. Fiesta Salon has been in the industry long enough to know the ins and outs of how everything works. They are well-accomplished and decorated.

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Fiesta Salon is a lead beauty franchise group owned and operated by none other than the esteemed Regis Corporation. Being a part of Regis, naturally, Fiesta has built a well-renowned reputation for providing top-notch quality service in the salon industry.

Although they are a powerhouse today, Fiesta Salon began as a single store opened by Phyliss Jones and late husband Clayton Jones in 1973. 40 plus years later and they are still churning, evolving to meet the standards of ever-changing trends in beauty and increase in competition. Thanks to loyal clientele, Fiesta Salon has had no prolonged trouble with business.

The company has experienced such widespread success because of their willingness to adjust to demands. Extremely satisfied customers have spread Fiesta’s name through word-of-mouth and that is mainly how the company started opening new branches. As they began as the first salon chain in the Midwest, now they operate in five different states: Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Indiana.

Regis Corporation made their magnificent acquisition of Fiesta Salon in 2007. Fear not as nothing has changed. Fiesta Salon still continues to treat their clientele with the same golden service and quality. To date, there is an outlandish number of more than 240 branches on stand-by who are willing to go the extra mile for any client, frequent or first-time. Regis Corporation still continues to structure plans to expand the Fiesta Salon chain.


Fiesta Salon offers a wide range of services that are subject to expanding at any time. From basic services such as shampoo, blow dry and cut to hair treatments such as deep conditioning, texturizing and perming, Fiesta Salon looks to provide the ordinary customer with extraordinary deals and services. Moreover, they also offer hair coloring, highlighting and all of the latest, flashiest, and quirkiest trends in the “now.” As a family-oriented salon, they also offer exclusive haircuts for children.

Continuing, Fiesta Salon also offers effective hair removal services proven to work wonders, such as facial waxing. Tanning services are provided as well for those who long for a crisp, bronze complexion and want to skip the inconvenience of going to the beach. A client may purchase a single session or a package.

These services are extensive but aren’t the only thing Fiesta Salon has to offer. Along with prodigious hair care products and brands for sale, Fiesta Salon also has gift cards available for purchase. If there is an upcoming special occasion, this is the easiest way to tell someone you love them without even having to open your mouth.


It may seem unreasonable, but it’s hard to run out of pros and find a con for Fiesta Salon. Clientele can always expect undeniably great service when they visit, despite which branch it is. Also, as a powerhouse in the hair care and beauty industry, the salon guarantees superior quality to all clients.

Whether it’s a regular trim or bold, definitive hairstyle, Fiesta’s elite staff can fulfill it. Their staff is meticulously trained and educated on the absolute latest styles, cuts and trends going on in the fashion world right now! Again, all staff goes through demanding training under the tutelage of world-class, award-winning education programs.

But these staff are people as well and they know how to provide a comfortable, warm environment to their clients. With exceptional people-friendly skills and highly aware of feelings, clients will never feel swarmed by any staff member, but rather accommodated and accompanied.

Fiesta Salon is more than just hair services. It is a complete, distinguished pampering experience. There really is no need to try your luck anywhere else. Chances are it will be watered down and uninspired compared to the Grade A, world class operation going on at Fiesta Salon. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a fabulous spa day at Fiesta Salon. We highly recommend it!

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