Updo Hairstyles

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In the world of hairstyles, updo hairstyles are the most glamorous. It is worn for special occasions, formal events, or when a woman wants to feel elegant and stylish. Weddings have become the showcase for most updo hairstyles from chic low buns to shiny chignons. Pulling a woman’s hair away from her face to put it up in a bun or slick it back at the sides can show off bright lipstick or smokey eye makeup in a stunning manner.

Although they have always seemed de rigueur for a big night out in the town, updos can change the way a woman looks in a sophisticated way during the evening. They can also be created to wear on mornings when there is a mad rush for work, school or chores. Here are four updo styles that you can easily do by yourself or ask your hairstylist to create for you.

Four Classic And Elegant Updo Hairstyles

#1 Updo Hairstyles

updo hairstyles 1First, apply a protective hair balm or serum to your damp hair and then blow-dry it using a paddle brush. Pull hair back in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic rubber band in the same shade as your hair on top of the head. Split the ponytail into a couple of sections. Then, wrap one section securely around the elastic with bobby pins.

Wrap the other section in the opposite direction of the first section and secure it with some bobby pins. Then, apply a light- to medium-hold hairspray to hold it in place.

#2 Updo Hairstyle

updo hairstyles 2(This is one of the easiest updo hairstyles for women who have bangs): Apply a protective hair balm or serum to your hair followed by some texturizing cream. Lift the hair’s roots by blow-drying your hair using a round brush to give your hair volume and density. Pull back hair in a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic rubber band in your hair color. Then, leave out some hair tendrils to frame your face.

Wrap the ponytail around the elastic rubber band into a bun and secure it with small bobby pins. Then, use a curling iron that measures 1½ inch for curling the tendrils. Spritz some light- to medium-hold hairspray on your paddle brush and run it through bangs.

#3 Updo Hairstyles

Apply some anti-frizz balm to your damp hair; allow it to air dry and then divide your hair into a couple of sections. Then, down your hair’s center, create a straight vertical part from the hairline all the way to the neck, and clip off a section to one side.

Gather the hair’s other section up and in a high ponytail on the vertical part’s one side, slicking the sides down with a soft brush as you go. Twist the ends of the ponytail down their length; wrap the twisted ponytail around the rubber band elastic and secure this with some bobby pins.

Repeat the procedure for the opposite side of the vertical part. Then, check if the hair “buns” you have made are a little bit wider than your eyes. Spritz some strong-hold hairspray on your updo.

#4 Updo Hairstyle

updo hairstyles 3Spray some dry shampoo onto your unwashed hair to give it texture and, using your fingers, create a side part that’s slightly loose. Divide your hair into a thin, uneven section by the ear, and a larger section at the back’s center. Also, a slightly larger section with the rest of the hair.

French braid the thin section and secure it with a clear elastic rubber band. Braid the back section on the side into a couple of normal braids and secure them with the same clear elastic. Then, pull lightly at each braid to slightly loosen it and mist with a light-hold hairspray.

Drape the largest braid like a headband across your head’s top until it meets the braid on the opposite side and secure this with bobby pins. Gather French braids and the two other braids for a low-side bun and secure with bobby pins. Lightly pull some hair at the hairline to act as a frame for your face. This is one of those updo hairstyles that require the use of a “flexible” hold type of hairspray.


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