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When anyone says the name Jennifer Lopez, we all envision a stunning, curvy woman who always looks flawless. When it comes to makeup, fashion, and above all, hair. Over the years, the glamorous Latina has become an icon to many women. And most of us would love to look like her or at least have Jennifer Lopez hair. Below are only some of her favorite hairstyles and looks that capture her audience’s attention. She is one celebrity that women can copy over and over again because it looks so good, and it’s easy to see why.

Jennifer Lopez Hair: The Always Beautiful Chameleon

If you browse through photos of Jennifer Lopez, and there are tons to see on the internet, in magazines, in print ads. Obviously, in the products she sells, you will notice that she has had most of the basic hair shades at one time or another. She has been a very dark brunette, honey blonde, medium brunette, light brunette, but never a complete redhead. She has had a few auburn streaks in the past. But her favorite color seems to be a luscious combination of dark blonde with caramel highlights.

Jennifer Lopez Hair: Sun-Kissed Star-Lights

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The famous Rita Hazan salon in New York City is responsible for transforming Jennifer’s hair into amazing color variations. One of the colorists, Adrian Wallace, explains to InStyle mag how Jennifer gets her precise color every time:

“Her warm skin tone looks great with the deeper, darker root color, and the highlights make everything pop and softer. It’s important to have dimension and contrast with colors that mix well with each other.”

Jennifer Lopez Hair: Natural Hair

Most fans believe that Jennifer is a megastar with perfectly natural and pin-straight strands. It is easy to manage, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The Puerto Rican stunner actually has very curly hair. Jennifer has shown the world her natural, curly crowning glory a number of times and usually via Instagram.


She captioned this picture, “Wheels up! Next stop LA… #curlyhairdontcare #myNYlook #gonnamissNY #greatvacation #backtowork.”

J. Lo wants women everywhere to embrace their waves and natural hair, whether wavy or straight. It’s all about being comfortable with who you are and bringing out your individual beauty. This is something Jennifer Lopez stresses quite often.

Hair Styles: Changing It Up

Jennifer has been blessed with an excellent bone structure, featuring killer high cheekbones and a strong, smooth jaw. Her lovely, golden skin tone also allows her to try a number of trendy to classic styles. Especially when it comes to her mane. Her newest style is all about the glam bob. She’s been rocking this sassy do for a few months now. If you watch her TV hit “Shades of Blue”, you can see her curly bob in action.

Jennifer has said a couple of times in interviews that wearing her hair pulled tightly back in a bun is actually her favorite of all her hairstyles. We have seen a top knot on the beauty queen numerous times, both on the red carpet and in her daily life, hanging out with her adorable twins, Emme and Max.

Jennifer Lopez Hair: Grey Hair By 23

We admire Jennifer for her easy-going attitude and humble roots, so to speak. The glamorous celebrity admitted to a US radio show that she does have her roots touched up often by the salon, because, “I started going grey at 23,” J. Lo revealed.

“My mom and my dad both went grey at a young age, and I did too. At 23. Once I got started doing movies, I started to grey. It was the stress, the pressure,” she joked. And when she was married to Mark Anthony, Jennifer laughed that she had to get her hair done “every two weeks.” Although we are sure that she just wanted to please her man, she would still be just as beautiful, with or without grey hair.

The Perfect Beauty Ambassador

J. Lo remains one of the most popular celebrity beauty ambassadors by far. She has done a commercial for L’Oreal Paris’ “Preference- I’m a Bronde- Brush On Balayage Kit.” You can copy her brunette/blonde combo with this at-home hair color/highlighting box.

Not only does Jennifer use L’Oreal Paris beauty products in her commercials, she also uses them in real life! She also uses the very popular True Match foundation, which offers blendable bases in thirty-three different shades. The superstar wears True Match foundation in the shade W6, Sun Beige, if you are looking for the exact shade she uses.

40’s Healthy and Gorgeous

Whether it be her naturally curly hair, up in a bun, long ponytail, sun-kissed beach waves, hidden under a big brimmed hat, or even with a few grays peeking through, Jennifer Lopez is a beauty and fashion icon. We all want Jennifer Lopez hair and all those amazing styles she keeps introducing to the world at some point in our life. She shows us that beauty goes way beyond age 40 and that we all need to embrace our inner and outer beauty.


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