There are many women that list makeup among the things that they can’t live without. In fact, recent numbers show that women are spending more on makeup than clothing. Additionally, an increase in makeup bag sales over the last decade seems to indicate that women want their makeup on the go.

Today’s fast-paced world demands modern women to be ready and looking their best at any given time, making accessories like this an absolute necessity. For this reason, the following guide will focus on the most beautiful, fashionable, practical and useful makeup bags out there in 2017.

The 9 Best Makeup Bags in 2017

1. Oilily Flat Micro Pouch Cosmetic Bag

a flower-patterned makeup bag

Boasting a colorful and yet sober design, this elegant makeup bag is great for women of all ages. Aiming at being as unobtrusive as possible, it’s both compact and light. However, the 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane of its material makes it strong and resistant to outside elements. Additionally, it makes it resistant to leaked products and easy to clean. With practicality in mind, it includes a wristband and zipper closure.

2. Falconwright Ink Blot Pouch

a small Falconwright cosmetic bag

Perfect for day-to-day use, this stylish pouch has the perfect size for carrying makeup essentials and, perhaps, even some extras. Its beautiful design is screen-printed by hand, making each item unique. Additionally, it is made with 100% blue leather, giving it a raw look that’s contrasted by its smoothness to the touch.

Its black and brass zipper ties everything together, with a pink leather zipper pull acting as the cherry on the cake. Putting great emphasis on quality, Falconwright has achieved a perfect balance between elegance and usefulness.

3. Mi-Pac ASOS Exclusive Fern Makeup Bag

an Asos makeup bag

A bit bigger than the previous two in this list, Mi-Pac’s bag is meant for people who are serious about their makeup. This exclusive makeup bag boasts one of the most beautiful and intricate patterns that have come out this year.

At the same time, it features a lined design that gives it a hand-crafted feel and makes it stand out. Its printed fabric is 100% polyester, making it easy to wipe clean. It closes with a zip that’s placed on its top, making it easy to reach inside and look for a particular makeup product.

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney Wash Pouch

an Adidas sporty cosmetic bag

Without a doubt, this is the sportiest product on this list. Created with active and dynamic women in mind, this amazing makeup bag is impermeable, durable and resistant. Made out of high-quality vinyl, it combines transparency with a black diagonal striped pattern that gives it an exciting look.

Light and portable, it can be easily carried through any situation, no matter how demanding. However, its design is still ample enough to carry all your most important makeup products safely.

5. Topshop Marvin Faux Fur Cosmetics Case

a faux fur cosmetic bag

Without a doubt, this is the most fun makeup bag on this list. Characterized as a purple furry monster, this bag expresses a fun, nonchalant type of personality. Somehow, however, it does this without being tacky or seeming immature.

In fact, its soft and elegant material gives it a level of distinction and elegance that creates an interesting contrast in opposition to its quirkiness. It’s ample and comfortable to use thanks to its top zip closure. At the same time, it features a lining adds to the overall quality.

6. Sephora Collection Beauty on the Fly

a flight Sephora makeup bag

When traveling, you want a makeup bag that’s compact and practical. However, you don’t want all style to go out the window. Sephora’s Beauty on the Fly takes care of that by offering functionality and class at the same time.

This TSA-friendly makeup bag is as straightforward as it gets. However, it also looks elegant and chic. Apart from a beautiful, minimalistic illustration that perfectly encapsulates its spirit, this bag is completely transparent. It was designed like that in order to help you get through airport security as quickly and painlessly as possible.

7. Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Bag

a small simple black makeup bag

Perfect for carrying everyday beauty essentials safely and discretely, this makeup bag offers amplitude and comfortability. Made entirely with sleek black nylon, it looks timeless and elegant with very little effort. It has a three-sided metal zipper that undoubtedly completes the look. It also features small interior pockets that will help keep your makeup products and tools neatly organized.

8. bh Cosmetics Studio Pro Large Set Bag

a large transparent cosmetic bag

As professional and amateur makeup artists know very well, sometimes you need to carry a lot of different products and tools at once. For that reason, bh Cosmetics has created a professional makeup bag that’s capable of carrying everything you may possibly need.

Featuring six spacious exterior pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a comfortable plastic handle, it’s basically a small suitcase for your makeup. Transparent and easy to clean, this makeup bag is as practical as they come.

9. Charlotte Tilbury 3rd Edition Rose Gold Canvas Makeup Bag

a small and classy makeup bag

This is a luxurious, sumptuous and elegant makeup bag that wouldn’t be out of place in any red-carpet event. Combining a beautiful burgundy with metallic golden lipstick kiss marks, this is a bag that doesn’t shy away from being feminine and sexy. Committed to its own sensuousness, it even features a tiny lipstick lucky charm that doubles as a zip pull.

Summing It Up

Fashion has the wonderful capability of extending to every aspect of our lives. This has been proven once again with the amazing items on this list. These makeup bags are not only useful, but they can assist its users in making a strong fashion statement.

They help women keep their makeup products and tools organized while positively adding to their overall style. Without a doubt, they offer a perfect combination of functionality and fashion. Do you have a favorite makeup bag that wasn’t mentioned here? Please, let us know what it is in the comments below!

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