Top 6 Short and Long Bob Haircuts You Should Try

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As the seasons change, it may be time for a new hairdo. If you’re hoping to trade your luscious locks for a low-maintenance, spunky cut, check out the bob. Some people think of the bob as a severely flat cut that can look unflattering depending on your face shape. However, bob haircuts are actually very diverse and can be stunning on many women. This article lists the top bob haircuts, from shortest to longest, so you can find the fun summer-style you’ve been searching for.

What Is a Bob Haircut?

Bob haircuts first made their debut in the early eighteenth century. The bob gained its popularity from feisty, fearless women, such as actresses, flappers, and Red Cross workers. Since then, bob haircuts have made a lasting mark on the world of beauty.

Bob haircuts are favored today for the simple, low-maintenance design, and diversity. The bob has evolved into several different cuts, permitting women of all face shapes to wear it. If you’re not sure what face shape you fit under, there are several beauty articles that describe each shape so you can select the best bob for you.

 6 Short and Long Bob Hairstyles to Try

1: Traditional Bob

three traditional bob haircuts

The traditional bob is a flat, chin-length cut. It was first used for its practicality and later hailed for its defiance against the prim curls and tailored locks women of the time wore. The traditional bob envelopes the face, accentuating your natural contours. If you want to embellish your classic bob, it looks great with straight or side swept bangs.

Give the traditional bob a try if your hair is fine and you want to achieve the illusion of thickness. It can also work well if you have an oval, oblong, or round face.

2: Blunt Bob

Beyonce with a blunt bob haircut

The blunt bob is one of the most dramatic bob haircuts and is taking 2017 by storm. This cut is often accompanied by equally blunt bangs to create a retro look. If you prefer less of a dramatic transformation, you can opt out of the bangs, and part your hair down the middle or side. This creates an innocent, simple look that is easy to maintain. Since the blunt bob is geometrical, it is best used for very well-proportioned faces, such as oval-shaped. However, if you have a very angular face, the blunt bob can be a great contrasting style.

3: A-line Bob

a woman with an a-line bob hairstyle

The A-line bob has become one of the trendiest bob haircuts of our decade. This bob is longer in the front, much like the graduated bob. Unlike the graduated bob, the A-line omits the dramatic back layers, focusing on the steep line to the front. This creates a much less rounded back than the graduated bob. The style and texture of an A-line bob can be very diverse. It can be fringed or blunt, straight or wavy. If your hair is thick, add long, wispy sections to the front of the A-line for a dramatic look.

This bob gives the illusion of length; it works well if you have a square or oval face.

4: Graduated Bob

Kylie Jenner at an award-winning event

Also known as an inverted bob, the graduated bob had its greatest popularity in the early 2000’s. Like most hairstyles, that popularity is coming back full-circle. The graduated bob is very similar to an A-line bob. It is an angled cut, with the front much longer than the back. You can create this angle with a straight line or an abrupt drop. A graduated bob also has several layers in the back. These layers can be shaved, or texturized with shears. The result is a very rounded, voluminous crown.

Since the graduated bob gives the perception of length, it can be a great look if your face is heart-shaped, oval, or square. Many graduated bobs are also accentuated with chunky highlights or a bold hair color.

5: Asymmetrical Bob

singer Rihanna with an asymmetrical bob haircut

Asymmetrical bobs are not for the faint of heart. As the name suggests, one side is longer than the other. If styled correctly, the asymmetrical bob can be a major fashion statement. If it is shaped incorrectly, it can look like your hair stylist had a severe case of vertigo. The key to a successful asymmetrical bob is clear intention; you need to go big or go home. Use highlights, a balayage treatment, or a bold color to make the cut a statement piece. It can be highly texturized or severely flat. Since the length and shape of the asymmetrical bob varies, it usually works well with all face types.

6: The Lob (Long Bob)

Emma Stone wearing makeup and a long bob

The lob, also known as the long bob, is one of the most diverse of the bob haircuts. A long bob cut represents any bob that is longer than the standard chin-length cut. However, a lob cut usually brushes against the collar bone or just over the shoulders.

The style and cut vary. Some women prefer the lob to be highly texturized and layered, while others prefer a blunt cut, like the traditional bob or blunt bob. The lob can be styled with beach waves, or it can be straightened.

Given its versatility, the lob fits most women. However, this cut will look fantastic if you have a longer face, such as heart-shaped or oval.

Summing It Up

Bob haircuts can be cute, dramatic, or practical. Short bobs can include traditional bobs and blunt bobs. These styles usually work best if you have a round or oval face. Longer bobs include the A-line and graduated bob and the lob. These hairstyles work best with angular, square, or oval faces. If you know a great stylist and want to make a major statement, try an asymmetrical bob. Talk to your stylist and start your summer right with a spunky, bob haircut.

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