Do you love your brunette hair? We hope so because being a brunette totally rocks.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these awesome hair color ideas for brunettes. You might feel like your brunette hair is rather “normal” but we can assure you, your beautiful hair color is anything but normal. There are so many fun possibilities!

Mild Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

hair color ideas for brunettes - amber ombre curly


Amber Ombre

Amber Ombre is a beautiful transition from any brunette or brown shade to more coppery tones. It’s rather subtle, so if you’re not looking for a bold look this could be for you! Ombre is really trendy right now and the great part is that it grows out nicely. So if you decide not to keep up with it, your hair will easily grow out while still looking beautiful! Ombre locks is a great way to try out something fresh and new without going too crazy.

hair color ideas for brunettes - blue and purple highlights/streaks


Peacock Highlights

For the past several years, highlights have been pretty popular. You’ve probably had them yourself or at least known someone with streaks of blonde, red or amber in their hair. But what about peacock highlights? Peacock highlights are streaks of color in your hair, but instead of being the customary blondes and reds, they incorporate blues, teals, and purples. These highlights, in addition to intensifying your natural hair color, give your look an edgy pop of color.

A lot of women are getting a specific layer of their hair dyed peacock tones. This gives a really unique dimension to your locks, as the peacock colors just peek out depending on how your hair moves. So pretty!

Moderate Hair Color Ideas

hair color ideas for brunettes - red copper curly ombre hair


Copper Ombre

If you have light brown hair, copper ombre can be a great choice for you! Doing a copper ombre dye allows your natural hair color to be incorporated. However, if you do have dark hair, this is still possible! This style involves a variety of colors including reds, oranges, coppers, browns, and hints of blonde. The colors are layered in together, creating a fiery affect that accents your natural brown hair.

hair color ideas for brunettes - purple fold in highlights/streaks


Purple Fold-In

This look essentially uses your natural hair color to enhance the purples used in a unique way. This style layers in pops of color with your natural tones to create a beautiful and stunning overall effect. Now, some of you may be put off of this look because you are thinking you will have to bleach your hair. While it may be necessary depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve, it’s not absolutely necessary. There are several hair dyes in darker shades of purple and blue that will work without bleaching your dark brown hair.

hair color ideas for brunettes - gray dyed tips/ends


Gray Tips

Gray tips are totally trending right now, and the darker your hair is, the better the gray will accent it. Depending on the color of your hair, different shades of gray will provide a better accent. You’ll want to match lighter brown hair with a dark, storm gray dye. In contrast, if you have dark brown hair, a silver shade will complement your hair better. You can make the tips as long or as short as you’d like to contrast your natural hair color. We recommend consulting your colorist for an option on what shade of gray, as well as how long or short to make the tips will flatter you best.

Wild Hair Color Ideas

hair color ideas for brunettes - purple galaxy hair dye


Galaxy Hair

This look is especially stunning with dark hair due to the gradual contrast. The deep blue flows well into dark hair, and the fuchsia provides a stark contrast. Most brunettes will be able to get away with just dying blue and not bleaching your hair. However, most will have to bleach for the fuchsia. If you so wish, you can add white highlights to enhance the galaxy look. This look has a very smooth transition from color to color, despite not being an ombre look. You also may want to consider specs of pink layered in with the blue and purple to enhance the galaxy affect.

hair color ideas for brunettes - sunset hair dye


Sunset Hair

This style incorporates several different colors to get the overall sunset affect. Your natural brown tones are layered in with purple, pink, and peachy oranges. This ombre is very eye catching, and will really grab the attention of everyone else in the room. Anyone can rock the look, but you’ve got to be confident because all eyes will be on you!

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Most women are looking for a way to spice up their natural hair, and adding a pop of color can really intensify your overall look.  You can do whatever color you think best goes with your personality and rock it.  In addition, there are many dyes that are specially formulated for natural hair, no bleaching necessary!

If you’re looking for even more ideas check out these awesome hair color ideas that are trending on Pinterest.