Kimble Hair Studio Prices and Services

Situated in Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, California, Kimble Hair Studio is preferred by many famous celebrities. It places a focal point on its expert staff and licensed hair stylists who have a world of experience. All stylists are versatile as they can perform many different techniques on different kinds of hairs.

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Kimble Hair Studio was founded by Miss Kim Kimble, a revered, famous beauty stylist in the industry. Kimble utilized all of her intermediate resources as a way to accomplish her goals. She also owns her own mega brand, Kim Kimble.

She earned her beauty license from the Universal College of Beauty in 1990. In fact, her first job, as she considers humbly, began as the shampoo girl for her mother.

Miss Kim Kimble cites her mother and grandmother as being the two most influential role models who inspired her to chase her dream. She also says that being a stylist is just in her “blood.” Kimble claims she is a third generation stylist as, naturally, her grandmother and mother were stylists in the two generations before her.

Kimble is very adamant about her college experience and earning her subsequent license. She states that in such a profession most graduates of Beauty Schools do not pursue licenses. She also is very proud of having her own studio and being regarded as a celebrity stylist. Her milestones (in her eyes, at least) include founding the Kim Kimble brand of salons, and the following hair products and hair extensions that came with it.

But maybe Kimble’s biggest accomplishment came as a youth when she was hand-picked by Beyonce’s mother to style the budding mega-star. She was extremely happy she was given this wonderful opportunity and now is regarded by a celebrity stylist by many because of it.

Kimble’s favorite advice: “20 percent of success is your skill; 80 percent is your attitude.” She preaches to her staff to develop skills while always learning at the same time.


Kimble Hair Studio is passionate about being in this particular business. They do everything in their power to meet the clients’ expectations, as well as giving them what they truly deserve. To do so, the salon urges clients to call prior to coming so they can set up a personalized, special consultation with an experienced veteran. This gives the client a sense of importance.

With a service focused on personal needs, the client is always prioritized before everything. Whether the client is seeking a haircut or a weave, Kimble Hair Studio is more than equipped to handle it.


Kimble Hair Studio offers a multitude of services for endless personal styling needs. Elegant, chic, romantic or carefree, it doesn’t matter, Kimble Hair Studio will perform it with unparalleled expertise and you will be sure to see results. All types of styles are available. Wet sets range from Basic Sets to Spiral. They also offer Natural styling such as Locs, Twists, Corn Rows and Bantu Knots. Additionally, other services include Hair Color ranging from lowlights, highlights, Brazilian Sunkiss and Corrective Color. Haircuts include the usual basic to more supreme, designer ones.

Kimble Hair Studio also houses hair restoration wigs. Hair enhancements include braids and weaves. More special services include: Event Styling, VIP Treatment Package, Wedding Consultation and Membership Package.


Many visiting clients chose to take their good words on the review website called Yelp. Here are some of the positive reviews posted on the site.

Stacye B., a first time customer, ecstatically stated, “I am a fan!” She cited how from the moment she walked in she was immediately accommodated. Furthermore, she told the story of how she got her weave done. “I have never had such beautiful work done”, she exclaimed. She said she received great compliments wherever she went. She added she would never go anywhere else after this service.

Another customer, Brooke H., also paid her dues. “I had a great experience at Kim Kimble hair studio!” she bellowed. She also specifically stated a receptionist’s name, Pleasant. As a result of Pleasant doing her hair, it came out, as Brooke said, “FAAAAAAB.” Pleasant did such a fantastic job that Brooke would never think of going elsewhere now. She said the weave had amazing quality as well as excellent value.

As one can see, it’s evident that, whether first time or frequent, clients love the passionate, top-notch service they receive at Kimble Hair Studio. The professionalism, expertise and friendliness is consistently noted and, ultimately, that is what Kimble stresses.

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