Waxing has become a popular way of removing unwanted body hair. Salons offer wax hair removal services for a decent price, and it’s extremely customizable to choose specific areas of your body that you want to get waxed. Sometimes life gets busy or the wallet gets stretched a bit, and going to the salon isn’t the easiest thing to do. Wax hair removal can be done at home very easily, if you have the right products and make sure you know what you’re doing.

If you are going to DIY wax hair removal, these tips and tricks can help to make sure the process works as thoroughly as possible for you, and you don’t risk any damage to your skin.

Sugar Wax Hair Removal

Sugar waxing has been extremely popular for a long time, mainly because it’s SO easy and cost effective! All you need is white sugar, lemon juice and water. How simple is that?

Sugar wax is easier on your skin, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally removing the top layer of your skin, which often happens with those expensive store bought wax strips.

This method of wax hair removal is safe enough for your arms, underarms, biking line, and eyebrows. You can also do it on your chin or upper lip but I’d recommend testing a small patch first, just to make sure your skin reacts properly.

If you’re interested in trying sugar wax hair removal, this site has a full tutorial with lots of detailed information to help you get the best results!

Best Hair Removal Wax Warmer

If you’re not sure if sugar wax hair removal is the best choice for you, another great option is to do hard wax hair removal. This requires a wax warmer, and it’s important to get one that will warm your wax at the proper speed and regulate the temperature so your wax is melted perfectly.

Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer

This hot wax warmer is a top-rated product because of its versatility. It’s built to melt all types of wax, has a circular heating system to make sure your wax melts evenly, and has a removable bucket for easy clean-up. The Salon Sundry holds 18 oz of wax and comes with a handle for portability so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself! We love this wax warmer because it functions great and is kinda cute to look at too!

Muses Poem Electric Melting Pot Wax Warmer Facial Skin SPA Hair Removal Warmer

Because it’s literally impossible to choose just one favorite, we also have to recommend this amazing Muses Poem Wax Warmer because it works amazingly well too! This wax warmer is designed for all types of wax and has a see-through lid so you can easily see if your wax is melted enough to use. The Muses Poem has a feature that heats your wax up until the designated temperature, and then shuts off and turns back on, gradually warming again so that your wax doesn’t burn or become too hot to use on your skin.

Whatever method of wax hair removal you choose to try, be sure to test on a small patch of skin first. I’d recommend trying a spot on your leg or arm before somewhere more sensitive just so you can see how your skin responds to the wax. Like anytime you get waxed, it will be red at first. Be sure to clean the wax off thoroughly and apply a cooling moisturizer to help keep the redness down. If you decide to wax anywhere on your face, test a small patch there as well to make sure you don’t have any sort of reaction or remove any skin. The skin on your face is much more sensitive than your arms or legs, so be sure to take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you wax safely.

At-home waxing is a great way to save a few bucks and achieve great results for smooth, hairless skin. Good luck!

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