Too much makeup is something that is truly in the eye of the beholder – as what one person thinks is too much makeup might be going light for someone else. Let’s not use this article to judge what might be too much for someone else, but what might be too much for the individual reading these words.

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Signs Of Too Much Makeup

Too much makeup isn’t about wearing dark eyeliner or red lipstick. It’s not about wearing a little extra blush – it’s about wearing so much of something that it no longer looks good. It might also make you feel uncomfortable (like too much powdered foundation making your face feel stiff).

If you’re wondering if you might be wearing too much makeup, here are some of the signs.

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1. You’re Focusing On Too Many Features

When you put on makeup, you want to focus on playing up one feature, that feature of your face that you take the most pride in. If you like your eye color, you may use eyeshadow that makes that color pop. If you have awesome cheekbones, you may do something to make sure they stand out even after you put your foundation on (using contours and blush).

You shouldn’t be trying to play up every single part of your face. If you’re a gorgeous drag queen, go right ahead and get dramatic – if you’re not, stick with focusing on one, maybe two features (at most).

2. You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth

Do you find it annoying when you get lipstick on your teeth? It can be embarrassing (just as embarrassing as having spinach stuck in your teeth). You can avoid lipstick on your teeth by using less lipstick.

If your lipstick isn’t staying on your lips, you’re using too much of it. Even if you’re using a dark shade that needs more than one coat, make sure those coats are thin, and you’ll have better luck keeping it on your lips and off your teeth.

3. Your Contour Lines Are Visible

Contour lines should be well-blended – they shouldn’t be left visible. If they are visible because they can’t be blended down enough – it’s because you’re using far too much. Spend some quality time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube that show you how to properly use contour if you’re not good at it yet.

4. You Have A Visible Foundation Line

Too much foundation is obvious by a well-defined foundation line – as in, your neck and chin are two different colors. The idea of foundation is to even out the tone of your face (covering imperfections). You don’t want to use it to change the color of your just – if you do, you’d need to cover your entire body with foundation.

If you want a summer glow, use bronzer. That’s not what foundation is for.

5. Your Face Feels Stiff

When you wear too much foundation and too much powder it can make your face feel stiff. It might not be so dramatic that you can’t even smile, but it does feel caked on (and it looks caked on too – even if you don’t think so).

One coating of foundation, thin and even is enough. Topped with some powder to take away the shine – not caked on.

6. You’re Using All The Colors

Just because a pallet comes with a multitude of colors, that doesn’t mean you need to use them all at once. When doing your eyeshadow, three shades are enough, at most.

If you’re trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick or lip gloss, wipe off well in between tries. Don’t cake it on and head out of the house.

7. You Have Spidery Eyelashes

If you’re using too much mascara, it can make your eyelashes look like spider legs. That might be cool for Halloween, but the rest of the year it just looks like clumpy mascara. One coat is enough 9and if it’s not, you may want to try a new brand).

8. Your Eyebrows Are Unnaturally Lengthy

There’s nothing wrong with enhancing your eyebrows, especially if yours are thinning or not as lengthy as most are. Length is cool when it is in proportion to your eyes. If your eyebrows have a length that is unnatural to human beings, you’re using too much eyebrow makeup.

9. Your Cleanup Takes Forever

If washing your face at the end of the day takes longer than 15 minutes, and you’re using more than two moist towelettes, you’re using too much makeup. If you go to bed without washing the makeup off of your face, it’s likely you wake up with half your makeup smeared on your pillow – and even if you did wash this might still happen.

When you’re using an average amount of makeup, it should wash off somewhat easily. You shouldn’t have to scrub.

10. You Have Makeup On More Than Just Your Face

Speaking of makeup on your pillows – if you’re overdoing your makeup, you might find it on your clothing too. Do you always get dressed before you put on your makeup because you know if your clothing touches your face you’ll have to change?

11. People Always Notice Immediately When You’re Not Wearing Makeup

“Wow, you look different today!” if this is something you hear from close friends and family, and you haven’t done something different aside from skipping makeup for the day – you’re definitely wearing too much makeup.

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So, What Is So Wrong With Too Much Makeup?

If you prefer a dramatic and intense look, you can get it without wearing more makeup than the average person. If you’re gobbing on makeup, you could be doing some nasty things to your skin. Here’s what’s happen when you’re wearing too much makeup.

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1. You Could Be Clogging Your Pores

Makeup blocks pores, and pores are the way through which your skin “breathes.” You might think that this is only a problem if you aren’t washing your makeup off at night. However, the more you cake on your face, the harder it can be to get it all off.

Clogged pores can bring about pimples and other annoying facial blemishes.

2. You Could Be Risking Infection

Makeup grows bacteria, especially the stuff that directly touches your face (like your mascara wand). If you’re not cleaning your makeup tools often, you could be spreading bacteria to your face – and you’re at an increased risk if you use a lot of makeup (like having three or more different mascara wands in use at a time).

3. You Could Be Exposing Yourself To Toxins

Unless you’re using organic makeup that is guaranteed toxin-free, you never really know what you’re exposing your skin to. Plus, toxins can seep through your skin into your bloodstream. The more makeup you’re using, the higher your risk.

4. You Could Be Giving Yourself Wrinkles

When you put makeup on, you’re rubbing your skin and pulling on your skin – all of this roughness can increase your chances of wrinkles. This is especially a problem around the eyes since the skin there is more tender and thin.

5. You’re Spending More Money

The more makeup you use, the more makeup you need to buy. Makeup isn’t cheap, especially if you want the good stuff. If your approach to makeup wearing is more minimal, you can save a lot of money.

Another thing you’ll be spending more on is makeup remover. When you’re wearing too much makeup, it takes more remover to get your face clean again.

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Deciding If You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

Even with all of this information, it’s still completely up to you to determine if the amount of makeup you are wearing is too much. If you ask your grandma, wearing smokey eyeshadow might be “too much.”

Makeup usage is in the eye of the beholder – if you feel comfortable with the amount of makeup you wear, don’t let anyone else talk you out of being you. Some people prefer excess makeup, and if you’re using it in a way that enhances your look, then you’re doing it right.

How to Cut Down on how Much Makeup You Use

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If you think you’re using too much makeup and want to make a change, go through your makeup and start ditching the stuff that’s more than a year old. Keep one eyeshadow pallet on hand, a couple of different blush colors, and one of most of the other things you use (like eyeliner and mascara).