How to Apply Bronzer Like A Pro

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Bronzer is one of the best makeup products around. A small application of this powder can give you the bright glow that you thought only the rich and famous had. Applying bronzer in the winter can make you look like you just came back from a tropical vacation, and when you apply bronzer in the summer, you’ll look like you spent a restful day on the beach. Getting some tips on how to apply bronzer, helps you achieve that professional look that you have been searching for.

What is a Bronzer?

Long before you ask how and where to apply bronzer, you may ask the simple question of, what is bronzer? Bronzer is a makeup product that comes in a powder form and usually comes in a package that looks just like blush. In the same way that you would apply blush with a brush, you’ll use a brush to apply bronzer too. A small amount of powder used on your face gives you a healthy glow that makes your face look more youthful.

How Do You Apply Bronzer?

The first thing you should know about bronzer is that you need to use the right type of brush. When you look at how to apply bronzing powder, you’ll find that you need a large brush with fluffy bristles and a slightly rounded top. If you use a smaller brush or one with a flat top, the bronzer won’t go on smoothly and may leave behind splotchy spots or marks. You’ll also want to go ahead and apply your moisturizer and foundation before using any bronzer makeup.

Move the brush across the top of the bronzer to coat the edges with the powder in order to evenly coat the brush with the makeup. You will want to gently tap the brush against the container or counter to remove any excess powder. When you spend time outside in the sun, you’ll notice that your cheeks, forehead and chin look darker than the rest of your face. Applying bronzer to those same areas will give you a more natural looking glow. Lightly swipe the brush across your skin, targeting each area at a time. You can always put on more bronzer if needed, but removing the powder when you use too much is a little bit more challenging.

How to Apply Bronzer and Blush

You might wonder about how to apply blush and bronzer when using both products at the same time. Using too much color and too many products can make you look like you spent hours in the bathroom instead of hours outside. You generally want to apply the bronzer to your forehead, cheeks and chin before reaching for your blush. Try sucking in your cheeks slightly and applying just a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. You will want to choose a blush color that matches your skin tone.

How to Contour with Bronzer

When looking at how to put on bronzer, you might want some tips on contouring your face with the powder. With the right bronzer application tips, you can make your face look slender and younger. After learning how to apply bronzer powder the right way, use the makeup bronzer as a contouring tool. Suck in your cheeks until they look hollow. Apply a thin and even coating of the bronzer along the bottom of your cheeks and up to the sides of your face.

How to Apply Bronzer on Fair Skin

Whether you want to know how to bronzer, how to use bronzer or even how to wear bronzer, you may need some help choosing the right color for your fair skin. Women with fairer skin generally have paler skin that burns instead of tans in the sun. Before looking at where to apply bronzer, you’ll want to pick a powder that has softer honey colored undertones. These products look more natural than those that have deeper or darker undertones.

Where Do You Apply Bronzer?

The top places to use bronzer include the cheeks, chin and forehead, which are the same places that you naturally tan. How apply bronzer products is a popular search term for women who want to pick up some bronzer how to tips. Using these products on just a few key areas of your skin will give you the perfect sun-kissed look that you want. You can also use two colors, including one slightly darker than the first, to create a healthy glow. Now that you know how to apply bronzer, reach for your brush and start experimenting in your own bathroom.


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