Hysqia Gently Balances Feminine Hygiene and Cosmetics

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

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Personal hygiene is very important for everyone, and feminine hygiene is especially important for women. All the more important on the most intimate parts of our body especially for women, where the intimate parts should be taken care of in a special, more delicate way. Aside from cleansing for hygienic purposes, women’s intimate parts should also be taken care of cosmetically.

Beauty Products by Hysqia

Hysqia’s products offer cleansing and at the same time provide cosmetic benefits. The Hysqia Silky Cream provides intimate care as well as provides cosmetic benefits. It is the first of its kind with this combination and purpose. Hysqia Silky Cream the best treatment for skin redness and ideal for genital area cleansing due to its neutral PH formula. Its main ingredients are cultivated in the Swiss Alps, which are known to have hygienic properties. Additionally, Hysqia Silky Cream is blended with Mallow extracts and Bisabolol, which are known to provide soothing effects and fresh feeling. With its innovative formula, it is very effective and rinsing it off is not needed and can be used at any time of the day.

Silk Touch is another product of Hysqia that provide prevention of vaginal dryness, moisture restoration, and softness of women’s intimate areas. The first of its kind, this anti-aging cosmetic treatment comprises of potent active ingredients that moisturize and treat the intimate areas of women. Its texture is soft, light and with its vanilla scent provides the refreshing feeling. Through its active ingredients that are cultivated naturally, its rich ingredients provide moisture as it binds moisture into the tissues of the intimate areas.

Innovation in Feminine Hygiene

Hysqia is proud to announce a revolutionary advancement in luxury beauty and feminine hygiene.

For too long, health and beauty products have been their own separate categories. The modern woman’s lifestyle, however, is continuously evolving with less and less time for self care. She’s constantly on the go, and can’t be weighed down by countless creams and products.

Hysqia set out to break down the barrier between health and beauty and eliminate the need for multiple products by combining cutting edge cosmetic biotechnology with the healing, regenerative properties of nature. We didn’t just create a new product, we decided to create a new category of products, and change the way a woman takes care of her body by creating RX beauty essentials.

Hysqia’s highly specialized line of superior beauty products not only nourish the skin and intimate areas, but cleanse, protect, restore, and reawaken.

Harnessing the Earth’s most powerful natural ingredients cultivated in the Swiss Alps, and processing them with the pinnacle of biotechnology, we’ve created the ultimate fusion of nature and cosmetic science.

Each product, in addition to being an antibacterial cleansing surface treatment, enhances the skins natural defense against environmental toxins and impurities by infusing it with the perfect combination of organic nutrients in a pH balanced formula.

From our Body Beautifier which uses a complex of Vitamins to stimulate cell-renewal for a youthful, glowing skin, to Hysqia Silky Cream which is the first waterless, anti-bacterial product designed specifically for intimate area care, all of our products are pharmacologically and gynecologically tested as well as FDA approved, and shatter all the standards in beauty and health.


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