How To Pluck Eyebrows

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

If you are not the waxing type of person then tweezers will be your best friend. Tweezing is not the most fun thing to do and does not always feel the best. If you just want to get a few hairs out of the way though without getting the full wax, tweezing is the way to do it.

Step One: Pick The Tweezers

You want to pick decent tweezers. You want to find a pair that will get a good grip. If your hairs are slipping between the tweezers then you want to get a new pair. Tweezing already is not a fun task, so if you have to sit there and keep trying and trying, it is time for a better pair. Always go for stainless steel tweezers. You do not want to anything other then stainless steel, or you may risk your skin getting irritated. There are slant tip, point tip, point-slant tip and wide-grip tweezers. Just depending on what your purpose of the tweezers are will help you decide what ones are best for your needs.

Tweezerman LTD Mini SlantTweezers– $10.50

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Step Two: Find your shape

Anytime you are doing something with your brows whether it is tweezing, waxing or filling them in you want to know your shape. You do not want to go too crazy when tweezing. Your shape is very important when trying to get perfect eyebrows. To make sure you have your hairs where they actually belong, make sure you brush through them so you don’t get rid of any hairs that you actually want. When you find your eyebrow shape you are going to darkly outline, with an eyebrow pencil, around the shape you want. When you have that done you just want to pluck any hairs that are on the outside of that dark outline.


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Step Three: Get A Pluckin’

Before you pluck you are going to want to soften your skin. Plucking right after you get out of the hot shower is going to be your best bet. You can also apply lotion. It is when your follicles are the softest and your hairs will pull out easier. Also, stay away from the magnify mirrors when plucking. They will start to make you think you have a lot more hair there then you actually do. If you start to pluck too much your eyebrows will start to look patchy and that not what we are going for here. You are going to want to pluck your hairs in the same angle that they have grown in. If they got downward then you pluck downward. When you go to pluck your eyebrows make sure you give yourself about 20 free minutes of your time. By the time you get done the plucking and then you are going be a little red. You do not want to rush this process.

Beauty can be very painful, which if you have plucked your eyebrows before you know what I am talking about. Every hair seems to get a little more painful. Seeing your final result is always a nice feeling but the process is not the best. Don’t we all just wish we were blessed with perfect eyebrows? It is okay though, we will all pluck through it together.



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