Kids Haircut Styles That Both of You Will Love

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When you are a parent, finding kids haircut styles can be a pain in the rear end. As the mother of a boy, I know that I’ve gone through this many times. Your kid’s hair starts growing out, and you realize that you have to go through the hunt for a salon or style all over again. When your children are really small, it’s not a big deal. You just take them to your local salon, get a simple cut, and you’re done. However, when they start attending school, it’s a little more complicated.

Suddenly, your children want some input on their haircuts, and you frantically try to find kids haircut styles that work for everyone. And if you are reading this, we imagine you are experiencing all of that. It’s okay, though, It really doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Sit back, sip some wine, and read on to get some tips that will help you out.

Find the Perfect Salon For Kids Haircut Styles

Finding a hair salon to cut your munchkin’s hair can be daunting. However, there are tons of places out there that specialize in kids haircut styles. The first thing you want to determine is what kind of place you’re looking for. For instance, do you want a hair salon where the stylists are skilled in fades or designs in hair? Or do you just want a run-of-the-mill salon that provides awesome kids haircuts at a reasonable price? National salon chains can sometimes provide all of these services and are a great place to take your children for a haircut.

One of those salons is First Choice Haircutters. First Choice has over 400 locations across the United States and Canada. The salons offer all sorts of services for reasonable prices. According to the Salon Price Lady, First Choice charges the following for kids haircut styles (all prices are estimates):

  • Haircut: $18.95
  • Shampoo and cut: $22.95
  • Complete service: $31.95

Supercuts is another national hair salon that provides kids’ haircuts. With more than 2,400 locations, finding a salon near you shouldn’t be too difficult. Supercuts’ estimated prices are similar to First Choice:

  • Supercut: $22.00
  • Shampoo and cut: $26.00

Finally, if you are looking for a good barber for your son, Sport Clips can provide that. A salon that caters to male clients, Sport Clips has over 1,500 salons across the country. It’s the perfect place to go for quality boys’ cuts. Although it’s a specialty salon in the sense that it specifically targets men (they do also provide haircuts for women), the price of their haircuts are roughly the same:

  • Junior Varsity (10 and under): $14.00
  • Haircut, Steamed Towel, Massaging Shampoo: $21.00

Just remember, before you go to any salon, know what you want before your appointment.

Where to Find the Perfect Style?

Before you walk into a salon, you’ll want to have a style in mind. Not only will it save you the stress of trying to find one while sitting in the salon surrounded by a hundred style books, but it saves your stylist the stress of trying to figure out what you want. Websites like Men’s Hairstyles Today, Hair Finder, and Pretty Styles are great resources for any parent. (If you are looking for a great Men’s Cut, check this out.) You can also pick up a magazine at your local supermarket. Magazines that report celebrity gossip to have a plethora of hairstyles throughout.

Also, you can take a look below and check out some of the easy, hairstyles we recommend for kids.

Boys cuts for your cool guy.

As the mother of a teenage boy, I know how hard it can be to find boy cuts. You think when you have a boy that all of this style stuff is easier, but it’s not. Boys can be just as picky about their hairstyles as girls. Here are a few styles for the small male in your life:

Mohawk With A Fade

kids haircut styles mohawk

Hard Side Part With Fade

kids haircut styles

Faded Faux Hawk

kids haircut styles

Pompadour With Hard Part And Fade

kids haircut syles

In case you didn’t notice, hard parts and fades are really popular with men and boys. A hard part is basically a shaved line that gives the haircut a really stylish look. Fades are when the hair gradually gets shorter and gives the illusion of it fading into itself.

The simplest style you could possibly get for your boy is short on top with a fade and hard part. If you just give your stylist those instructions, your son will leave with an impressive look. All of these haircuts should cost about the same as a standard haircut.

Easy little girl hairstyles that she will love

When it comes to hairstyles for little girls, you’ll probably want something that’s easy to handle in the morning. As a woman, I know how much of a pain it is to do an elaborate hairstyle every morning. That’s not something you’re going to want to deal with when you’re trying to run out of the house in a hurry.

The good news is that there are a lot of simple little girl hairstyles that require a small amount of work to look amazing. Here are a few that your daughter will love.

Short Hair

little girl hairstyles

This short hairstyle is perfect for little girls with slightly curly hair.

Bob Cut

kids haircut styles

Bob is probably the easiest to maintain of all the kids’ haircut styles. All you have to do is brush it and go.

Classic Long Hair With No Bangs

kids haircut styles

This is a great hairstyle for little girls who like to braid their hair or wear it in a ponytail. French braids, buns, fishtail braids, curled —- the possibilities are endless. This classic cut looks good on everyone from toddlers to adults. You can also ask your stylist to add some bangs for an extra fun look.

All of these haircuts should cost the same as a regular haircut as there is no color treatment or styling involved. However, make sure you check with your stylist first.

Kids Haircut Styles Can Be That Easy and Affordable

It’s really not as stressful as it sometimes seems to find kids haircut styles. Once you and your small human figure out what they are hoping their hair will look like, finding an affordable salon and specific style is a breeze. Remember, though, even if your child gets a haircut that isn’t as great as you’d hoped, it will grow back. We’ve all had a bad haircut a time or two; it’s not the end of the world.

Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that when your hairstylist asks you if you like the haircut, don’t lie. They really want to know if you’re happy with the cut. If for some reason you or your child do not like it, they’ll fix it for you. However, you do have to speak up.

Most importantly, just keep it fun. Playing around with different cuts and styles is a great way for your kids to express their individuality. Sometimes, they will ask you for a hairstyle that makes you cringe, but it’s all part of their growth as human beings. Let them experiment.


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