Smokey and smoldering eye makeup with pouty lips outlined perfectly and glossed in natural pink and a bronzed overall look that has such defined cheekbones that could put Cleopatra to shame. Yes that’s how Kim Kardashian would be described but given the increasingly popular Kim Kardashian Makeup tutorial videos, that description could also fit you.

Yes you! By watching her makeup videos, you can have the same look without the expensive spa facials or the even more expensive surgery. Kardashian has been talked about as a regular plastic surgery recipient but she has always explained her finely-chiseled look is the result of makeup that is carefully applied, albeit she has admitted to botox treatments.

Smokey Eyeshadow with Nude Lipstick: “Classic” Kardashian

kim-kardashian-brown-smokey-eyes-becomegorgeousThere are a number of “looks” that a Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial video can teach you to do but these five are what she is often seen wearing whether it’s strutting on the Red Carpet or attending to her iPhone app video game, online shoe store, and fragrance businesses.

Nude lips and smokey eyes: nine out of ten times in public appearance, Kardashian wears nude lipstick and smokey eye makeup. If this is the kind of look you want, her video tutorial will teach you how you, too can strike a perfect balance that focuses between your lips and eyes.

Cat’s Eye Makeup Kim Kardashian-Style

kimkardashian-cateyesmakeupIf the iconic Kim Kardashian makeup is smoldering eyes made possible by gray, brown or plum eyeshadow and pouty lips that spell sensuous with glossy and shiny nude-colored lip gloss, there’s the Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial for cat’s eyes.

Although her eyes are already deep set, Kardashian can teach you how to up the ante with light and shimmery pale-colored eyeshadow on the eye lids with a dash of eyeliner applied like a “wing” at the eye’s outer corner. This is classic cat’s eye make finished with cheeks that are barely blushed and nude lipstick.

Red Carpet Glamour and “Everyday” Makeup Looks

22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - ArrivalsKim Kardashian has brought back Hollywood glamour to the Red Carpet with the classic red lips. Cat’s eye makeup made classical with that now famous “wing-out” dash of eyeliner which definitely adds length to any eye shape is set off by Kardashian’s bold red lips in matte or gloss lip color. This look of Kardashian’s is reminiscent of one of Hollywood’s iconic va-va-voom girls Ava Gardner.

Is there a Kim Kardashian “everyday” makeup look? Her tutorials include the neutral eyeshadow and pink lips videos that present light taupe on the lids complimented by peach blush on the cheeks and pinkish gloss on the lips. This tutorial’s focus us on the authentic mink lashes that Kardashian wears. You can have the same with Mink strip lashes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Becoming a Bronzed Goddess aka Kardashian

6ed0e61f207a1cdf0c63c90ae65157b3Everybody says that Kim Kardashian looks her best when her makeup is that of a bronzed goddess. You can have that, too when you watch the Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial video on how to create this sultry look. If your skin tone is not the same as hers, Kardashian’s tutorial will show you the variations for this look on particular skin tones. The rule of thumb here is to keep the focus on your eyes with the use of bronze pigment eyeshadow to amp up shimmer and color.

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Tutorial video will show you how to contour your face until it reaches sun-kissed perfection with bronzing powder on cheekbones and around your hairline. Kardashian usually has matte bronze makeup on her face but the shimmery bronze is till evident on her shoulders, décolleté or legs. If you want a subtle or less shimmery bronze look, you can always use a pinkish bronze eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, peach-pink blush and pale pink lip-gloss.

Have Five of Kim Kardashian’s Best C’est Magnifique Looks

Kim-Kardashian-wedding-makeupYou may not have her hair, wardrobe, bags, jewelry or even Kanye West, but with the series of Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial videos, you can now have five of her best c’est magnifique looks easily and conveniently.

View Kim Kardashian’s tutorial videos on her makeup techniques with her makeup artists such as Mario Dedivanovic (who did Kardashian’s wedding makeup), Troy Jensen, Stephen Moleski, and Joyce Bonelli.