Magicuts Prices and Services

Do you remember the last urgent haircut you received? It probably didn’t turn out as you expected, maybe even bad? No one noticed, no one even gave a compliment. The haircut just lacked any zing or pop to it. But ultimately, this probably taught you a lesson on getting a haircut on sparse time.

It holds true that getting a bad haircut is just a traumatizing experience. Such can cause distrust between you and your stylist. However, if you choose Magicuts over all the other competitors this would never happen. If you seek a refreshing, trendy look then it is a no-brainer to visit the expert staff over at Magicuts.

View the latest estimated Magicuts prices and services below.

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Magicuts offers all types of services for people of all ages. Additionally, they have an extensive set of professionally-formulated hair coloring and highlights treatment. Clientele have the flexibility to receive customized treatments as Magicuts can apply cuts and colors suited to client’s personal desires. You may consult with stylists to work out what would be ideal for your look and situation. Stylists at Magicuts are engaging and friendly but keep it to a healthy amount. They will never invade your space. Hair is the most important priority and when it comes to what your hair absolutely needs, from its texture-the roots, tips, and conditioning necessary- the stylists have your back.

Amazingly, you can book an appointment and receive a well-priced hair care package which includes shampoo, design cut and style, and a flawless finish with blow dry.

Magicuts is a salon you can catch at your local shopping mall or town plaza in Canada. They welcome you to walk in and inquire about their special treatments, as well as receive a trendy cut in the time being during your shopping. Magicuts was founded in 1981 and soon the retail salon made its presence known across communities in Canada, opening a hair empire of over 120 salons as a result.

Clients should rest assured knowing they will be accounted for and taken care of at Magicuts. Hair stations are always kept cleanly with staff constantly taking care of the surrounding area. It’s also worth noting that Magicuts only uses elite salon brands such as Paul Mitchell, Redken, BioSilk, Joico, Nioxin, Sexy Hair, and TIGI. On the holidays and shop anniversaries, Magicuts goes the extra mile and offers great discounts on hair treatments and hair care products.


Magicuts has received a plethora of positive-filled comments and statements from first time or frequent clientele. Here’s what they had to say:

“I did a walk-in at our local Magicuts, I had a wash, cut, blow dry and my stylist did an excellent job. My husband adored the new hairstyle, he couldn’t believe my new look, he just kept saying ‘Wow!’ during our long drive home. I also got so many lovely comments at my son’s kindergarten class. I love my new hair style. I recommend my Magicuts stylist to friends.”- Caitlin, mom

I had a fantastic time getting my hair done last night at Magicuts! I really have bad frizz, the ends wouldn’t just stay in place, but in the end my hair turned out awesome and just in time for the party! Again, Magicuts exceeded my expectation” – Nicky Lou

“I travel around a lot, and if I need a quick trim on the sides, I always go to Magicuts. If there’s one thing great about Magicuts is you get consistent quality and service everywhere. They do nice upscale haircuts at good prices. Their salons are clean as they are comfortably warm inside. The staffs are very friendly too. It’s worth trying out. – Will,

“Been coming here for years… well, the service is good at Magicuts. Though, I recommend you calling first and making a proper appointment with the hairdresser of your choice. Of course, you can just walk in, but if you turn up on a busy day you might end up waiting for a few minutes or up to an hour. They never seem to run out of customers.” – Margaret R., Vancouver


Magicuts is not confined to just coming in for a celebrity-worthy makeover or looking like someone else. It’s about getting off of that salon chair and feeling like the cut or style you received is best for you. Whether you need an extreme, beautiful makeover or just a small touch-up for an occasion, Magicuts has the versatility through their excellent, highly-trained staff who are solely concerned with making you look flawless!

A new, well-executed haircut can make anyone feel like a million bucks! So can a kertain-based voluminous hair treatment (another one of Magicuts’ endless services). If it concerns value, professionalism, and skillset, Magicuts is the poster salon!

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