Founded in 1980, Paul Mitchell is a company that initially became known for its lines of hair care products and tools. Its founder, the renowned stylist Paul Mitchell, applied his vast knowledge of hairstyling to the creation of high-quality products that would help achieve fantastic results. After the company’s initial success, its founders decided to expand their business model by opening hair salons that operated according to Paul Mitchell’s philosophy. In order to reach as many customers as possible, they decided to make Paul Mitchell prices very affordable. Today, the hair salon is one of the most popular hairstyling franchises in the country.

Paul Mitchell Prices

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What Are Paul Mitchell Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

With headquarters in Century City, California, Paul Mitchell is a well-known franchise of hair salons in the United States. Offering high-quality hairstyling and haircutting services administered by experienced professionals, the salon has grown exponentially since the first outlet was opened in 1980. Currently, it has 109 salons spread across 35 different states. In order to take care of all the hairstyling needs of its customers, Paul Mitchell offers a variety of services, including:

  • Haircut and Styling (wash, cut, and blow-dry)
  • Skin Services (facials, makeup application, and waxing)
  • Nail Services (manicures and pedicures)
  • Color BarSM Services (color, foil weave, and full head lightener)
  • Barbering Services (shave, beard grooming, and scalp treatment)

Apart from these services, Paul Mitchell offers its customers various lines of hairstyling products such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair dyes. These products were designed by hairstyling experts with the goal of amplifying the aesthetic possibilities of hair grooming. Additionally, the company has ventured into the design of hairstyling tools. As if that wasn’t enough, Paul Mitchell has opened various beauty and hairstyling schools in the United States.

This section would not be complete without mentioning Paul Mitchell’s charitable and activist actions. Dedicated to making the world a more loving place, Paul Mitchell is one of the few hair salons in the United States that stands for animal rights. Apart from making charitable donations to various institutions that fight for animal rights, Paul Mitchell does not use or produce products that are tested on animals.

Paul Mitchell Salon History and Growth

Founded by John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell in 1980, the Paul Mitchells company began as a manufacturer of hairstyling and hair care products. Quickly, however, its owners became aware of the brand’s potential. As a result, they decided to expand the business by creating a franchise of hair salons that go by the same principles that allowed Paul Mitchell hair care products to succeed as greatly as they did.

It wasn’t long after Paul Mitchell’s first hair salon opened that its founders, realizing the success of their original concept, decided to open more salons in California. Today, showing the same warmth with which the public has received the brand, Paul Mitchell has 109 salons that are spread across 35 different states. The public recognizes Paul Mitchell hair salons as a natural extension of the Paul Mitchell brand, an entity that has become known for its expert-level hair care products and tools.

What Are People Saying about It?

woman getting a professional hair wash in a beauty salon

Without a doubt, the vast majority of people who have tried Paul Mitchell’s hairstyling services were positively impressed. One of the words that are often mentioned when talking about the salon’s services is “professional.” Every service that is offered at Paul Mitchell is carried out by experienced and highly-trained hairstylists. Apart from being experts in different hairstyling styles and procedures, professionals at Paul Mitchell are constantly learning about new trends and techniques.

As a result, Paul Mitchell’s clientele can rest assured that, whenever they step into one of the salons, they will get a high-quality cut or style that’s fashionable and trendy. Another aspect of the hair salon’s services that people rave about is its affordability. Without a doubt, Paul Mitchell prices are very affordable considering the quality of the salon’s services.

Paul Mitchell Salon Hours

Most Paul Mitchell salons are open during weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Normally, Saturdays are reserved for customers who made an appointment. Typically, the salon is closed on Sundays. However, each Paul Mitchell salon may have particular hours of operation. For that reason, it is a good idea to contact your local Paul Mitchell salon before making important plans.

Bottom Line

After going through this article, most people will conclude that Paul Mitchell salons have a lot to offer in terms of hairstyling. At the same time, despite offering top-quality hairstyling, Paul Mitchell prices are surprisingly reasonable. The bottom line is that Paul Mitchell provides a myriad of valuable services that keep on adding to its prestige. Have you tried them? Let us know in the comment section!

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