8 Amazing Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

If you are looking to accentuate and draw attention to your own eyes, learn to compliment those baby blues with these easy and stunning makeup tutorials for blue eyes.

A seriously important part of creating flawless makeup looks is enhancing your natural beauty by understanding what color combinations and styles suit your features. This is especially true for making your eyes pop, and there are a handful of ways to make your eye color look richer, deeper and more vibrant just with the correct products and techniques.

*The following tutorials were listed in no particular order.

1: Zoella’s Spring Pink Look

Brilliant beauty blogger Zoella creates a stunning look in one of these makeup tutorials for blue eyes. Using pink and nude tones in her YouTube video, she creates a light and airy, everyday look wearable for any occasion.

This video captures a simpler Spring look that will suit any eye color but is specially tailored to those with blue eyes. Equipping herself with the Seventeen Easy on the Eye’s shadow pallet accompanied by the Too Faced Chocolate pallet, this blogger’s routine will help you complete a tasteful and classic look.

2: Lupe Netro’s Favorite Five Looks

This certified YouTuber’s how-to video tutorial is packed full of tips and tricks for blue-eyed beauticians. Viewers will learn not just one, but five absolutely gorgeous looks that will brighten and frame blue eyes, boosting their natural shape and color.

Utilizing a handful of different brand’s shadow pallets, this blogger molds together both bold and timid looks. This video is particularly great for beginners who want to stay focused on the eye area of their routine and save the rest of the face for later. Whether you choose to use neutrals or metallic colors, dramatic or simple, Netro’s eye-specific video has the look for you.

a young attractive woman wearing a nude tone makeup look for blue eyes

3: Gemma Clifford’s Smokey Eyes

Yet another gorgeous look, up-and-coming YouTuber Gemma Clifford offers one of the best makeup tutorials for blue eyes. Drifting away from traditional, she shows viewers how to create a powerful, black Smokey eye that will beautifully compliment blue eyes instead of overpowering them.

Using the popular Urban Decay Naked 2 and MakeUp Geek pallets, Gemma Clifford walks viewers through each step of the process. This video is great for beginners who want to see first-hand the techniques and brushes used to create this flawless look.

4: Lauren Curtis’ Matte Smokey Eyes

This vlogger does a different take on the Smokey eye technique, using matte browns instead of intense blacks. Curtis uses a nice mix of affordable products. You can buy these items at any Walmart or Wal-greens. Still, there are certain products you will only find at beauty-specific stores.

She does a full-face look that covers every how-to, including highlighting and brows. Lauren Curtis goes above and beyond the traditional makeup tutorials for blue eyes and includes a radiant lip color that will accentuate viewer’s blue eye makeup.

This will add to the look instead of pulling attention away from the eyes. Furthermore, this is one of the more versatile makeup tutorials for blue eyes, wearable during day or nighttime.

5: Lauren Curtis’s Ultra Glam Look

Curtis is back again in this tutorial, delivering a stunning full-face look for special events or just a special date night, with all over product recommendations to accentuate those gorgeous blue eyes. “This is a dramatic cut-crease look. I want to use a lot of shimmer and shine,” Lauren says of her phenomenal “occasion” makeup.

This isn’t just another one of those makeup tutorials for blue eyes; it’s a complete look that radiates passion and glam from the eyes to the sultry red lips.

a beautiful girl with blue eyes and red nails

6: Emma Cervin’s Fall Look for Blue Eyes

Making the list for the best how-to makeup tutorials for blue eyes, this video covers a gorgeous “burnt” style, utilizing red and orange colors that really make blue eyes pop and works for both lighter and darker skin tones.

Similar to Zoella’s Spring look, Emma Cervin’s tutorial is self-dubbed a “fall look.” It is simply perfect for the upcoming season. Also, this beauty blogger uses gorgeous matte shadow colors. She even shows viewers some great tips for getting the ideal winged liner look.

7: Jaclyn Hill’s Blue for Blues

Jaclyn Hill does the seemingly impossible in this tutorial, matching her beautiful blue eyes with absolutely stunning blue shadow. This look actually creates a bold pop that brings the color out of the iris and straight onto the eyelid. One can even say it defies the laws of makeup. It is all about dramatic dark and light blue shadows paired with pink hues and creatively winged liner. All this mix draws attention directly to Hill’s gorgeous baby blues.

This blogger even discusses the decision to add a nude color to her lips. This will subtly draw attention upwards to her eyes. Her tutorial will show viewers exactly how to achieve her look and bring out their own eyes.

8: Jasmine’s Full Coverage Glam

In this all-over, full face makeup tutorial, blogger Jasmine Hand schools YouTubers on glam. She delivers a strong how-to on cover-up, contour, lips and of course, eyes. This video is unique from the rest because Jasmine actually delivers a look that takes her light blue eyes and miraculously deepens the shade, all with the use of makeup.

She uses name brand pallets and even lists the specific brushes and where to buy them. This way all her viewers can duplicate the look effortlessly and perfectly on their own.

Summing It Up

Whatever color combination you’re looking for, these beauty bloggers have some great tips and tricks on how to use them without dulling down those gorgeous blue eyes. It’s important to know how and when to cover up certain unwanted features when doing your makeup.

Still, a well put together and complete look includes emphasizing and highlighting your natural beauty. These makeup tutorials for blue eyes can help you do just that, making them the main attraction in your newly inspired looks.

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