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Mure Hair Salon is one of New York City’s top salons, but, surprisingly, it’s not one of the most expensive. Located in the Yorkville neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the salon is close to several pricier establishments that aren’t as well-received.



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The simple list of services includes haircuts, highlights, coloring and anti-frizz treatments. The website includes a price list, and the costs for all services are reasonable for a hair salon in New York City.

Hair color services include clear gloss, single-process color (regular, whole head and men’s color), double process, and full and half-head highlights.


  • ​A single process color uses a new toner or color as a base. The color is applied all over the hair to deposit and lift strands. It is great for making hair shiny and covering grey.
  • ​A double process is used to lighten hair by two shades or more. The hair is bleached or stripped of all-natural color, and then the desired pigment is added.
  • ​Full or partial highlights change the color of your hair in a more subtle way than all-over tinting. Partial highlights are commonly used to brighten or frame strands around the face. Full highlighting subtlety lightens individual strands of hair all over your head.
  • ​The stylist uses foils to during a traditional highlight service. He’ll take a square section of hair, lighten it, and folds it into the foil. This technique creates uniform sections of lightened hair.

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​​​​A clear gloss preserves and protects your hair between coloring appointments, and makes it shine. It is semi-permanent and lasts three to four weeks. Tinted hair glosses may be available. Ask your colorist for more information. A gloss is not a substitute for dye or highlights. Glossing is a way to make dyed hair look better and remove unwanted tones.


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The salon also features Oribe shampoo and treatment. Oribe is named after its creator, stylist Oribe Canales. These luxury products hit the market in 2009. These hair care products are used for restoring brightness and radiance to blonde hair, soothing the scalp or moisturizing extra-day hair. Talk to you stylist about which treatment is right for you.

Olaplex is a restorative treatment for hair damaged by excessive coloring and can be used with all hair coloring. It connects broken bonds in the hair during chemical treatments, as well as before and after these treatments.

Two parts of this three-step restorative treatment are performed in the salon. The first part of the process uses a Bond Multiplier to repair disulfide bonds in the hair. The stylist then uses a Bond Perfector to restore any remaining damaged hair. You’ll use a Hair Perfector once a week, at home, to strengthen hair between visits.


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Keratin treatments to smooth or straighten frizzy hair are the most expensive service at the salon. (Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in your hair.) A straightening procedure is commonly called a Brazilian blowout.  A smoothing procedure may have a different name, such as a Cezanne or Kerasilk.

The stylist will normally apply a hair product containing keratin to your hair and seal it in with a flat iron. The process usually takes about an hour and a half. (You shouldn’t wash your hair for three to four days after treatment to give the keratin time to act.)

Men’s haircuts and bang trimming are available at reasonable prices. Stylists also take appointments for updos for your special events (or anytime).

Mure Hair Salon has  Instagram videos and photos of the latest satisfied clients and information about popular new coloring methods, like balayage and ombré.

​What is Balayage?

The colorists at Mure are in demand for their ability to perform a highlighting technique called balayage.

In French, balayage means “to paint or “to sweep.” It is a hair coloring technique that dispenses with the foil used to highlight hair.  A stylist doesn’t need meche or foil to highlight hair this way; it is entirely freehand. The stylist paints the color on your hair.

The color grows out naturally, so you won’t need to worry about touching up your roots. Balayage is suitable for all hair textures and lengths. Most applications last about ten weeks, and your appointment will last about 90 minutes.

Balayage creates a softer, more natural look than traditional highlights. It replaces the striped look you get from foil highlighting and creates the light, natural streaks that you might get from the sun.

Ombré, another highlighting technique, means “to shadow”. Colorists use it to create a flawless gradation from dark hair to lighter hair.  Ask your stylist about this technique if you want dark roots that turn gradually lighter towards the tips of your locks.

The ombré technique was popularized by Aaliyah in the early 2000s. Beyonce, Lauren Conrad, Khloé Kardashian and other celebrities rock the look.

DIY Ballyage highlights at home

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​What the Reviews Say

Client reviews on Yelp and Facebook are mostly five stars, with an occasional four-star review. (The only two-star review we found had to do with delayed appointment times and waitlists.) The reviews give kudos to several stylists, so there is no single “star” – all stylists are talented and friendly.

There are 508, almost entirely upbeat reviews on Yelp, and they concern many different cuts and coloring methods. One five-star review is from a woman who had long hair, all the way down her back, who wanted a cut chin length. Another five-star review praised a colorist for correcting brassy blonde hair.

Several clients had positive experiences with balayage. This Upper East side salon is one of the best hair salons in NYC for balayage experts.

Many clients mention that stylists take the time to recommend beneficial treatments instead of merely asking what they want or doing what is trendy. The interest the stylists take in their clients’ hair health sets them apart from hairdressers who only want to do the bare minimum and move on to the next customer.

If you want a hair service that’s not mentioned on the website, contact the salon to see if one of the stylists can do it. One client mentioned that she wanted sand art hair, and couldn’t find another salon that could do it properly.

Some customers mention that they’ve tried other salons, and decided on

Mure Hair Salon for all their needs after doing comparison shopping.

​Why Go to This Salon?

​If you live in New York City or nearby boroughs, you have a seemingly endless array of choices when you want to get your hair colored or cut. There are many reasons to choose this Upper East Side salon, no matter where you live. Here’s a rundown on the pros of this salon, and one con.

  • ​Services are affordable for most people.
  • ​Mure Salon has some of the best stylists in New York City.
  • ​Online reviews are unanimously positive
  • ​You can call, email or book through the website contact form
  • ​Fun atmosphere
  • ​Clean and well-appointed salon
  • ​Gift certificates are available in amounts of $50, $100 and $200
  • ​Money-saving deals for haircuts and other services are sometimes available from Groupon
  • ​Easy to reach location on Manhattan’s Upper East side, close to shopping and museums

​Some in-demand stylists at this hair salon NYC may be fully-booked and have a waiting list for appointments. This review entry is the only negative we found in our online review search.


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​What to Look For in a Stylist

The stylists at this Upper East Side salon consistently get rave reviews for their work and the way they relate to clients. There are several reasons hairdressers and colorists are a hit with customers, and chances are the stylists at this salon have most or all of the following qualities:


​Technical skill is the most important trait any stylist can have. The ability to cut and color hair in a way that flatters clients ensures repeat visits and more money for the stylist! Regardless of the stylist’s other positive attributes, if he or she doesn’t have the technical skill, customers won’t return.


​Valued stylists adapt to new trends instead of resisting them. They are constantly educating themselves on new styling tools, haircuts, and coloring methods. Many clients want the latest hairstyle or color they’ve seen online or in a magazine, and if the stylist doesn’t know about trends, the customer will go elsewhere.


​Also, they aren’t fazed by cancellations, rebookings, and changes in the salon atmosphere.


​A stylist with creativity, in addition to technical skill, can attract and keep many clients. Instead of merely cutting hair, a creative stylist suggests styles that may be better for the client than what they had originally requested.  Creative stylists go the extra mile to give clients what they need, instead of what they want.


Listening is the most important trait, next to technical skill. A good stylist makes sure she understands what the client wants, and may clarify it throughout the appointment. She’ll also listen to the client talk about their problems (or whatever they want to discuss) and give helpful feedback.


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