Summer Hairstyles Every Girl Should Consider

honey blonde

Summer hairstyles are being looked forward to by many. With that, summer holds a lot of potential to be full of changes for quite a few reasons. We go on vacations, we change up our wardrobe. So, it’s more suitable for the warmer weather. Also, we might as well add some changes to our hair … Read more

Mure Hair Salon – #1 Rated in NYC and Reasonably Priced

Mure Hair Salon in NYC

Mure Hair Salon is one of New York City’s top salons, but, surprisingly, it’s not one of the most expensive. Located in the Yorkville neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the salon is close to several pricier establishments that aren’t as well-received. Services ​Photo credit to ​ The simple list of services includes … Read more

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color

Everything You Need to Know about Chocolate Mauve Hair

Chocolate mauve hair has become a quite popular color for the fall season and workplaces. The color was first introduced by Hannah Edelman (a talented colorist based in Brooklyn), and it works especially well with brunettes. If you are trying to give your hair extra texture and subtlety but don’t want too dramatic of a … Read more

10 Fun 90’s Hairstyles That Are Back In Style For You To Try

The 90s may not have been the best decade for fashion and hair but it wasn’t the worst one either. Most of us have mullet photos from the 80s tucked away in the back of our sock drawers. Whether you’re old enough to remember the Olsen twins as cute little Michelle Tanner or not, you’re … Read more