Summer Hairstyles Every Girl Should Consider

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Summer hairstyles are being looked forward to by many. With that, summer holds a lot of potential to be full of changes for quite a few reasons. We go on vacations, we change up our wardrobe. So, it’s more suitable for the warmer weather. Also, we might as well add some changes to our hair color in the sweet summer of 2022.

8 Summer Hairstyles

Hair color is an easy change that doesn’t require much effort or maintenance on your part. Thus, it’s a once-and-done change to your appearance. After researching the trending hairstyles for exotic and brilliant hair colors. So, here’s what we found to be the top 8 summer hairstyles every girl should consider trying in the upcoming months.

1. Honey Blonde Summer Hairstyles

Honey Blonde hair is a great warm color that is popular among those with a medium skin tone. It’s a bouncy blonde-gold color that is sure to look gorgeous. Whether you are at the beach or going to a pool party, this color is the best. This can be done at home with a box set. Also, you can get it at a local drug or grocery store if you want or by a professional if you want to be safe. Emma Roberts models off her honey blonde locks in this photo, courtesy of Hairstyle Designs. 

honey blonde

Find a box set of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Permanent Haircolor, Golden Honey HL3 to recreate this look at home. You can order it online.

2. Soft Black Summer Hairstyles


The hardest (and more accurately, the most frightening) part of dying your hair black is the possibility of it looking like a cheap dye job. Then, Soft Black is here to assist you in your endeavor to get the black summer hairstyles of your dreams. Instead of shooting for jet black locks, try a more matted, gentle black. Especially if your skin tone is on the lighter side, for a natural-looking black. Rihanna knew what was up when she dyed her hair in this photo, courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

Look for Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Soft Black 11 to recreate these summer hairstyles at home. You can order this dye online.

3. Opal Summer Hairstyles

October babies rejoice, your birthstone is now a vibrant hair color. So, Opal is a stone that slightly resembles a real-life version of the Wishing Stone Emmy and Max used in every 90’s baby’s favorite TV cartoon, Dragon Tales.

Opal Bob Haircut

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 25: Raven-Symone attends Logo's "Trailblazer Honors" 2015 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on June 25, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Logo)

So, if you’re not up for a Jurassic change to your hair, but still want to rock rainbow hair. This is definitely the best choice for you. This does require light hair as a base, so if you aren’t a natural blonde, you will most likely have to either bleach your hair or color it a lighter shade. That’s So Raven Star Raven Symone shows off a light opal coloring to her bob in this picture from Redbook Magazine.

This hairstyle will have to be done by a professional due to it using many dyes and it needing to be spread out evenly.

4. Tortoiseshell Summer Hairstyles

Tortoiseshell is just a cooler way of saying “a mixture of brown and black”. It makes for one great choice for all my fellow brunettes out there, as well as any girl with black locks. These summer hairstyles you can actually pull off from home with a box set and a friend who knows how highlights work, or yourself if you are confident enough in your abilities (if so, you’re automatically my role model). Khloe Kardashian models off this dynamic duo in this from The Loop.

Tortoiseshell Hair

Since Tortoiseshell hair is actually a combination of blondes, caramels, brunettes, and chocolates, it’d be a wise decision to get it styled by a professional as well. Here is a link to a YouTube video to give your hairdresser an idea of what you’re after.

5. Teal Tips

teal tips

A little throwback to 2014 Kylie Jenner never killed anyone. Teal tips are something I am a personal fan of, because upon seeing the color I instantly think of summery thoughts- waves, blue sky, snow cones, cotton candy, and oddly enough, Dory from Finding Nemo. The photo provided of the Instagram goddess herself is from Teen Vogue.

Splat Complete Hair Color Kit Aqua Rush

Look for Splat Complete Hair Color Kit Aqua Rush at your local drugstore or superstore for this dye. Each Splat kit comes with bleach, gloves, the dye, and a mixing bottle for easy home application. So, if you have thicker hair, or long hair, or want to dye your whole head, I recommend using two boxes. Then, Splat also has a line of ombre sets and other bright colors for your hair.  So, you can also order this dye.

6. Dusty Pastels Summer Hairstyles

For a louder summer hairstyle, release a part of your wild side by adding splashes of muted pink, purple, green, blue, or whatever your choose to ‘do. Or you can also just dye your whole head. Then, I can’t tell you how to live your life. You do you.

Splat Null and Lusty Lavender

Then, you can conceive this look almost effortlessly by using a Splat Dye Set you can pick up at your local drugstore or superstore for around ten dollars. Though the box is a little frightening when you want to do pastels, you can still manage to pull a pastel purple out of a box set made for Barney’s purple hair. Kelly Osbourne models her dusty purple pastel locks in a photo from Good Housekeeping.

dusty pastels

Look for Splat Null and Lusty Lavender for a purple hair dye kit. I found this for my own hair at Target, which currently has Harley Quinn from the upcoming Warner Bros. Suicide Squad as its poster child. Also, you can find it to order online.

7. Rose Gold Hair

Rose Gold had its big break with Apple’s iPhone 6 release back in September 2015. Then, the color itself is a blonde base with a hue of matted pink over top. So, this creates a dirtier version of strawberry blonde as its final product. This color is indeed good for summer hairstyles. Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively even took part in this new, stylin’ trend. Picture courtesy of Overtone.

rose gold

Smokey Pink

I had trouble finding a good match for a box set to do at home. So, I’d recommend going to your hairdresser for this look. However, if you wouldn’t mind a more metallic take on Rose Gold hair, check out L’Oreal Paris Feria Smokey Pastels Permanent Haircolor, Smokey Pink for a similar effect that you can achieve from your own home.

8. Snowlights Summer Hairstyles

jennifer lawrence

Snowlights add streaks of pale blonde to any color of hair, creating the effect of snow. Then, this is definitely an appropriate color change for a business environment or a less intense choice for your rebellious side. See The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence rock some snowlights below. Picture courtesy of

Then, to get this color at home, L’Oreal Paris Feria 110 Very Light Beige Blonde would be the way to go for your highlights. You can also order this dye online.


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