We know how hard it is to find hair styles for short hair that actually work. Whether it be braid styles for short hair or just styling short hair, it can be difficult to get anything to hold tight. With little hair, there is not much to pin back and there isn’t much to work with at all. Sometimes there is not enough hair for the specific hair style to look good, but follow the rest of this article to read all about different hairstyles for short hair. There is a variety of things to pick from and many of them will only work with short hair. We will be covering hair from shoulder length to shaved, for both women and men. Braid styles can be tricky with the lengths and can typically only be done with the shoulder length short hair. Bobbed styles are very popular and are rising in the charts among the most popular hairstyles in the USA and around the world.

1. Vintage Hairstyle

hair styles for short hair


If you are more on the old fashion side, this may be just the right look for you! Depending on what type of hair texture you have, this could possibly be one of the easiest things to do! All you really need are big rollers, a big curling iron, and lots of hairspray. Typically girls have one of everything always on hand just in case, but if not, then the tools are easily found either online or at you nearest department store or beauty salon. The tools will be cheaper in a department store but maybe more dependable in  beauty salon.

2. Colored Vintage

hair styles for short hair

Source: www.hairstyles123.com

For all you brave and fearless millenial’s out there, this is there perfect look. If your looking to catch the center of attention and slay at life, try out the colored vintage hairstyle. Top off this look with some colored lipstick to contrast the hair and you’ll be the star of the show. Lipstick is not hard to keep up with as long as you keep it on you at all times. You will need rollers and a big curing iron as well as hairspray and maybe some bobby pins for this hairstyle. The color gives is enough pop that the rest does not need to be so perfect. The texture of heavily treated hair will be easier to style and holds for a longer period of time. This is a great look for a music festival, a concert, a photo shoot, and more hipster things.

3. Simple

hair styles for short hair

Source: http://www.today.com/style

This simple hairstyle is very easy to do as long as you have a straightener. This can be casual as well. You can certainly lounge around the house with simply just straightened hair. There is no one that said you have to lounge in a bun. Be confident and lounge while looking amazing. Many people do this specific hairstyle for casual wear. Top off this hairstyle with an over sized t-shirt or a hair or sparkly earrings to draw attention to the beautiful straight hair.

4. Bobbed Hairstyles

hair styles for short hair


One word: SHARP… This look can cut like a knife and pour out power. Bobs have become more and more popular over the years and have proved to be contagious. When one person gets it, more and more begin to as well. Bobbed hairstyles go with any outfit and the only bad thing about them is that they cannot be put up in a pony tail or a bun. The bottom is too short to reach in an elastic. The bob most certainly is a look that can kill, though.

5. Short Bobbed Hairstyle

hair styles for short hairSource: www.pinterest.com

The short bobbed hairstyle is just another form of a bob cut. The sharp and beautiful look is casually and naturally beautiful in any situation. As seen in the picture, the bob cut can be any color. This one in specific is red and orange giving an autumn look. These can be any color. Many people have them done as brown with blonde highlights or vise versa. Blonde highlights look amazing with a bob cut as long as you keep up with the coloring.

6. Braid Styles (For Short Hair)

hair styles for short hair

Source: www.pophaircuts.com

Braiding in short hair is rather hard because it can be difficult to stay in. Small braids are the ones that are the easiest for short hair. Longer braids and anything out of the “french braid” category are extremely hard to do because the hair is so short past the ear. Braiding both sides gives a very chic and casual look. Braids go with anything and can be dressy enough for a wedding or casual enough for a softball game.

7. Braid Hair Styles for Short Hair (Waterfall)

hair styles for short hair

Source: www.divinecaroline.com/beauty

The waterfall braid has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has been called one of the most beautiful hairstyles and is used for proms, homecoming, formals, and more. Many people wear this casually because of how pretty and how easy this braid hairstyle is to create.