Modern Twist for 50s Women’s Fashion

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Women’s fashion keeps on evolving. There is a modern twist to stay on-trend. Do you know how styles from the 70s and 80s are always coming back with a vengeance? The same retro-fad is still going strong. It tells us just how good these styles were back then since they are still going strong today. However, one retro look that is really making waves is the 50s look.

Pulling off something akin to Marilyn Monroe is never easy. You want to look sexy and alluring but also a little vintage. The 50s were known for “nuclear family” looks that made every woman like a loving housewife. It doesn’t mean you have to drown yourself in old styles. To stay trendy, chic, and retro all at the same time consider these simple steps:

Modern Twist: Polka Dots are Your Best Friend

A retro 1950s scene in black and white TV settings, accentuated by a modern twist. A stylish woman dressed in a catsup red dress with small white polka dots, reminiscent of a kitchen table cloth. The background has subtle elements of polka dots from the era, showcasing their prevalence and significance. This image captures the essence of how polka dots were a fashionable symbol of the 50s, yet remain timeless.

There are a lot of simple but fashionable styles from the 50s. But that will always associate with the era are polka dots. You can look at any show from the era and you are bound to find polka dots littering every scene. This is because it was an era before color TV became commonplace. So, polka dots were a good way to add some variety to an actress’ costume as a modern twist.

If you don’t know what kind of polka dot look works best, all you have to do is look at the fabric materials. If it even remotely looks like a kitchen table cloth then you’ve got it down right. A rule of thumb is that the best polka dots are plain simple: catsup red base with small white dots are a perfect example here.

Modern Twist: Body Hugging Dresses

A glamorous 1950s red carpet scene, inspired by the iconic styles of Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, and Diana Dors. A sophisticated actress gracefully poses in a vintage, body-hugging dress, highlighting the hourglass and pear-shaped figures of the era. The dress, while not overly revealing, emphasizes the natural curves without showing excessive skin. Legs are more visible, but the back is modestly covered. Surrounding her are hints of other celebrities and photographers, capturing the essence of the golden age. This image showcases the timeless elegance and allure of 50s tight dresses, which remain a symbol of feminine empowerment.

Take some time to study the dresses of Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, and Diana Dors. After a few slideshows, you’ll notice how they all have one thing in common – they all tend to wear very tight body-hugging dresses at the red carpet ceremony.

Tight dresses are still popular today but the way it was done in the 50s is a style on its own. 50s body dresses weren’t revealing in the sense that they show a lot of skin – although many 50s styles involve more legs, less back. Its focuses on revealing a woman’s figure.

This modern twist may not work for everyone but if you’ve got a nice hourglass body or a pear-shaped figure then a 50s tight dress can work wonders.

Adding That Modern Twist

So you’ve got the basics down: you want to wear something tight and if you can’t find a good 50s design then polka dots will be a safe bet. So how do you pull that off to look trendy and chic in 2024? The answer is to accessorize. This is also a good modern twist.

You’ll want to use retro clothes as your focal point. When people see you in a nice white 50’s cut blouse and skirt they should automatically know what style you’re going for without having to ask. But from there, use modern trends to twist the look into something that can work today.

Utilize modern clutches, sunglasses, and shoes. You’ll want to pair a nice polka dot dress with side-cut open booties or platforms with ankle laces. A leopard print scarf around the neck or waist will work wonders with a plain white 50s office blouse. If you’ve got a solid color dress on then pair it with a large, white winter fur coat just to dazzle the eyes.

Don’t Forget the Gold

Fashion isn’t just about clothes and shoes. Gold is a woman’s main arsenal and while it is still the choice today. It was in extravagance back in the 50s. Large, gold dangling earrings, brilliant gold bracelets, and golden necklaces were the symbols of power during the 50s and 60s so make sure to add a touch of gold to your outfit as well.

A sophisticated woman from the 50s, radiating opulence with her prominent gold accessories. She showcases large, gold dangling earrings that shimmer with each movement, a brilliant gold bracelet encircling her wrist, and a statement golden necklace resting gracefully on her décolletage. The aura of the scene harks back to the era's extravagance, portraying gold as a symbol of power and luxury. While her attire is classic 50s, her golden accessories shine prominently, emphasizing their timeless allure and importance in fashion, both past and present.


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