How To Shape Eyebrows To Flatter Your Face

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Bold eyebrow looks have been storming the beauty trend lists for the past year and it doesn’t look like that’ll be ending anytime soon! Whether you choose to make a statement with your eyebrows or go for a more natural look, it’s important to know how to shape eyebrows to flatter the shape of your face. It sounds a little crazy. But by, shaping your eyebrows in certain ways. You can actually change the way your face appears to other people. Certain shapes will make your face appear more round, bring out your cheekbones, or elongate your face.

How To Shape Eyebrows With Oval Face Shape?

So you have an oval face shape? Congratulations! This is considered to be the ideal face shape. It explains one of the many reasons why Jennifer Aniston is considered to be one of the most beautiful people ever! Oval-shaped faces look proportionate which is more pleasing to the human eye. Since your face is already proportionate. You don’t need an eyebrow shape to make your face appear any other way. You can now know how to shape eyebrows to have a simple soft angle. Tamper it from the outer edge inward and raise it slightly upward in the center before rounding back down.


Round Face Shape

People who have a more round or circular face might feel like they want to make it appear longer. You can use your eyebrows as a way to help make your face appear more narrow and elongated. As you’re shaping your eyebrows, think of making them similar to mountain peaks. Don’t make them extremely pointed of course, but use that visual image to help you. Giving your eyebrows sharper lines will help draw the eye up and down, which will elongate your face. Think high and arched lines instead of soft and rounded for this face shape.


How To Shape Eyebrows With Square Face Shape?

Angelina Jolie is literally the poster child for what a square face shape looks like. Check out that jaw! If you have a square face shape that likely means you have a strong jawline which is a beautiful, dominant feature! With this face shape, you have a couple of different options depending on the look you’re going for. So, if you want a really bold and strong look, go for more angled brows with a thick color and shape. This will balance the strength of your jawline. Maybe you’re more inclined to try to soften your jawline instead of accentuating it. To do this, consider a nice rounded curve to give that softness you’re looking for.


Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces are often perceived as very soft and feminine-looking. If you want to make your face appear more heart-shaped, you should know how to shape eyebrows. It is to accentuate your chin as the point at the bottom of the heart. Your eyebrows will form the top rounded parts of the heart! You have a couple of options here, depending on how you want your face to appear. Soft, lower arches will give a more natural appearance. However, if you’re looking for a more striking look, make your eyebrows higher and more pointed.


Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shapes tend to be widest across the cheeks and bridge of your nose area. Shape your brows into nice soft, rounded shapes to soften the appearance of your face and make your face appear less wide. The diamond face shape is very commonly seen in models and beautiful celebrities, because of the strong lines it produces. You’ll notice a lot of these celebrities have rounded eyebrows in order to accentuate their good features but also make their face appear soft and feminine.


Eyebrow shapes are not so much about what you should or should not do based on your face shape. But, instead about how to achieve the look that you desire for your face. The beauty of eyebrows is they truly can shape your face to appear how you want. Indeed, it is important to know how to shape eyebrows. If you have a softer face and want to accentuate your cheekbones. Then, make your jawline appear more straight and pronounced, you can do that. You can also easily achieve the opposite result. It makes your face look very soft and round and eliminates harsher lines. So have a little fun with your tweezing or waxing! The good news is, if you aren’t thrilled with your first try, your brows will always grow back and you can try a different look the next time. Happy experimenting!


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