Nine Cool Hairstyles That Reflect Your Personal Expression

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

A hairstyle is considered “cool” if it looks stylish whichever way you wear it. Highlighted with color, with bangs, straight, beribboned, without bangs, formal, curled or casual, cool hairstyles mean a personal expression that reflects your creativity and lifestyle.

A cool hairstyle always begins with the right haircut. Whether the cut is layered or asymmetrical, the kind of haircut you get depends on what will good on you. A trained hairstylist should be able to tell you what haircut is most suitable for your face shape.

Long Hair can Look Good this Summer

cool hairstyles fishtail braidFishtail Braid: here’s a trend this spring that is “hot” not only for summer but throughout the year. Fishtail braids work best with hair that is not as slippery as freshly-washed hair. Versatile for wearing by any face shape, a fishtail braid is especially ideal for those with thick, frizzy or wavy hair.

Chunky bun: get all that hair out of your neck and have your hairstylist put it up in a chunky bun on top of your head by using large bobby pins. Finish with maximum-strength hairspray to hold the bun and smooth away hairline “flyaways.”

Über ponytail: your hairstylist should follow your cheekbone’s natural line when pulling back your hair to leave your hair tight and clean at the nape. Go for a totally glam look that can go from day-to-night by applying on some shiny mousse on the sides of your hair just above the ears.

Two Braids and Sassy Puffs

cool hairstyles sassy puffsTwisted braid: have your hairstylist tie off a side plait with a rubber elastic to match your hair color so the focus is on the hairstyle and not on the elastic. Have a thin tendril of hair, curled with an iron, “slip out” on the braid’s opposite side to add a casual but sleek balance.

Sassy puffs: if you have short hair, lift the roots with styling paste or wax. Using the fingertips to mold and twist small hair sections. This free-form hairstyle – imagine Halle Berry – will look gorgeous with small amounts of highlights in copper or bronze to compliment a tan.

Headband braid: spray a texturizing spray on naturally-dried hair, have your stylist gather two inches from a section of the hair just above the ear and brush this upwards before braiding. This “redirects” the hair before pinning the braid on your head’s opposite side. Repeat above your other ear. This is one of those cool hairstyles ideal for those with thick, wavy, and past-the-shoulder hair.

Think Retro, Bangs, and Pixie

Katy PerryRetro center: your hair has to be very smooth before being parted straight at the center. Have your stylist pull back hair on your head’s either side before securing it with bobby pins, criss-crossed style, on the back of your head. Ensure that your ears remain covered with your hair.

Rolled-up bangs: think Katy Perry with her now-famous bangs rolled up into a cute knot. Have your stylist flip out your bangs and then blowing them. Clip them behind the hairline with tiny bobby pins and you can party all night without those bangs taking grease from your forehead.

Pixie with a twist: longer, asymmetrically layered in the front, and choppier at the top, this hairstyle is the ultimate in cool hairstyles. Pixie cuts are excellent options for those with wavy hair and individuals who have sheer confidence.


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