Four Ways To Deal With Curly Hairstyles

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

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Curly hair needs more manageability than straight hair. To do that, the levels of emollients in the hair should be sufficient enough to tame the frizz usually associated with curly hair and to give it shine. Several shampoos and conditions are formulated specifically for curly hair to help smooth the hair’s cuticle layer and seal in an adequate amount of moisture to define the curls. Dealing with curly hairstyles, however, go beyond shampoos and conditioners. The treatment curly hair gets after washing is just as important.

1. How to Dry Curly Hair Correctly

curly hairstyles dry with handCarefully wrap curly hair in a dry, clean towel’s folds and give it a gentle squeeze after washing. Drying curly hair should never involve buffeting or rubbing it to avoid breaking hair strands. Press hair with short lengths against your scalp and squeeze it through a towel with your fingers.

Use another dry, clean towel to wrap your hair in, turban style, after most of the water has been wicked away. Some hairstylists used paper towels to remove excess water without being rough on hair strands. These disposable paper towels absorbed moisture quickly from the ends of the hair as well as the scalp.

2. Styling Your Curly Hair

curly hairstyles 111Take advantage of your curly hair’s natural wave by using a diffuser to dry it without creating “balls” of puff. Curly hairstyles are generally difficult to hold in place unless it’s braided or styled with clips, barrettes, and headbands or done in a ponytail style.

Make sure your hair and scalp are protected before Using styling tools such as a blow dryer to straighten your hair. Anti-frizz balm or serum, such as leave-in conditioners, coat hair strands to protect them from ensuing heat from a blow dryer. Always use the appropriate settings on your blow dryer.

3. “Reconfiguring” and “Redirecting” Curls

curly hairstyles diffuserAttach a diffuser to your blow dryer on low-heat but with high-air flow to allow air circulation through your curls and evaporate moisture in the process. While blow-drying, scrunch and lift your curls gently to retain their shape. You can also “reconfigure” your curls to different sizes or “redirect” them.

You can do this by using a set of wet rollers to “manipulate” your curls in a uniformed, “all over” style. Or you can use a curling iron for curls that you want to be “arranged” on a particular side of your while the rest of your hair remains straight.

4. Curly Hair Treatments

curly hairstyles argan oilSoften and smooth your curls with argan oil, available in salons and beauty supply stores. Use argan oil as a regular hot oil treatment and hair dressing after a hair wash. Work the argan oil through damp hair and massage your scalp with it. Do this before blow-drying your hair to ensure that your hair strands and scalp are sufficiently protected against blow-drying, combing or brushing later on.

Curly hair, believe it or not, can be prone to split ends when they get tangled and snagged. Have your split ends trimmed and use argan oil, or other hair smoothing products, to restore moisture in them. Curly hairstyles need to be brushed or combed more carefully than straight hair to prevent the hair fibers from getting knotted and frayed, two factors which may lead to split ends.


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