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Salon Lofts prices start from $35 for men’s cut and style and $50 for women’s. Salon Lofts is also an enterprise of beauty salons offering skin, nail, hair, and also massage services.

The company was founded in Ohio in 2003. It has grown to locations in the Greater Cleveland Area, Cincinnati, and Columbus as well as Tampa Bay in Florida. What separates Salon Lofts from the competitors is how CEO Daniel Sadd has put his all into the company to make them a powerhouse.

Usually, most salons have an owner-hire stylist. But Salon Lofts chooses to rent out small rooms for interested stylists who can design them at their discretion. In this manner, Sadd believes stylists are more able to reap the benefits of owning their own salon. So, there is no additional risk-taking. Sadd also gives stylists a great amount of competent technology to finish it off.

This formula gives stylists complete creative control from setting their own business hours. Also, advertising the way they want to, the prices and value. With the Salon Lofts’ proprietary software and additional web resources, they can use to expand their business. So, it’s no surprise that these stylists have been able to grow the brand and satisfy clients.

Below are the latest estimated Salon Lofts prices and services.


Soft Lofts Pricing for Haircuts & Styles

Women's Cut & Style$50.00
Men's Cut & Style$35.00
Children's Cut (0-2 years)$15.00
Children's Cut & Style (3-12 years)$25.00
Bang Trim$10.00
Beard Trim$10.00
Conditioning Treatment$30.00
Conditioning Treatment (add on service)$20.00

Soft Lofts Pricing for Straightening

Brazilian Straightening Treatment$275.00

Soft Lofts Pricing for Coloring Services

Full Highlights + Cut + Style$150.00
Full Highlights & Style$100.00
Partial Highlights + Cut + Style$125.00
Partial Highlights & Style$75.00
Face Frame Highlights + Cut + Style$80.00
Face Frame Highlights & Style$30.00
Color Retouch + Cut + Style$105.00
Color Retouch & Style$55.00
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Cut + Style$135.00
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Style$85.00
All Over Color + Cut + Style$125.00
All Over Color & Style$75.00
Shine Gloss + Cut + Style$105.00
Shine Gloss + Style$55.00
Men's Color + Cut$75.00
Men's Color$40.00

Soft Lofts Pricing for Formal Design

Special Occasion$65.00
Bridal (trial run)$70.00
Bridal (day of)$75.00

Soft Lofts Pricing for Waxing Services

Eyebrow Tint$20.00
Eyebrow Tint + Eyebrow Shaping$32.00
Eyebrow Shaping$17.00
Full Face (brow, lip, and chin)$35.00

Salon Lofts History

At the time, Sadd had his feet in commercial real estate as a developer. With that, he chose to purchase the business in 2003. And it was only open for a mere few months and performing at an average level. Sadd believed the business could have been doing far better. So, he decided to leave the real estate industry and try his hand at the beauty industry. He became president and CEO of Salon Lofts. And now with Sadd leading the chain, it has grown to over 50 locations.

From just a single location to now 50 salons in five states, it is safe to say Sadd has made a solid improvement. So, this rapid growth was kick-started by implementing progressive, new technology that gave Salon Lofts an advantage over its competitors. Again, the company’s good software, Open Chair, was just one of those amazing technologies. Indeed, Open Chair has attracted a number of clients who are now loyal customers of Salon Lofts.

Salon Lofts Services Offered

You may visit the website and click on any of the services- nails, skin, massage, or hair- and filter that by location, service type, and price. A telling portfolio that stories past work is also available on the website. In under a minute you will find the type of service you want in a location near you. And Salon Lofts prices are ideal for you.

The company’s website lists all four categories of services with specialists under each and the services offered, including Salon Lofts prices. There is also a store locator for locations near you which you can see on the site map.

The site map is extensive and includes all specialists within the location you desire. Some of these are in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton in Ohio, Tampa Bay Area and Sarasota in Florida, Indianapolis in Indiana, and many more. So, Salon Lofts gives you the option of owning a future salon in any of these places as well as giving you the proper resources and tools to propel your business into stardom.

Salon Lofts Products

The company specifies marketing tools as one of the progressive resources it provides future Loft owners. You have the choice of choosing from many templates to optimize your site for clients. You can also offer discounts through this excellent marketing tool.

This email tool provides a huge volume of online bookings. Sadd believes Lofts schedule an excess of 30,000 appointments in a single month. And also, it is over $20 million in online bookings. The retention is at 91%, making it well above the average rate of most employers. This can be attributed to the freedom each stylist is given as they are allowed to use their chosen product line.

Salon Lofts offers two main products: web-based management to help with managing the salon and marketing tools that assist in management by enabling communication between employees and clients. You should come to expect both products after making a deal with Salon Lofts as well as receiving your own loft which, again, you may decorate and make your own.

As a member of the Salon Lofts company, you have access to manage your client’s information including the history of provided services, color formulas, and other products your client opts to choose, as well as the frequency of a client’s visits. This is made possible by the Open Chair resources as it makes it simple to enjoy success minus normal risks. Along with that, Salon Lofts prices are good deals.

To set up an appointment with Salon Lofts or for more information, visit their official site at

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Salon Loft Hours

8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Note: The operating hours may differ depending on the location of the store.

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