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Sola Salon provides clientele with top-notch services. Sola Salon decides to go with the approach of giving you your own salon space sans the typical risks of traditional salon ownership. With this sort of business, they manage to house experienced aestheticians, nail stylists, massage therapists, hairdressers, and other salon professionals under one roof.

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Sola Salon was founded in 2004 and since then has expanded to 200 reliable locations. To date, Sola Salon has given over 5,000 professionals personal spaces in which they can then own and operate to their liking. Salon professionals have the freedom to design their salon, set their own prices and schedules, and maximize profits.

But Sola Salon is not only about giving you your own personal space. They also promote an environment where you can experience business support and creative control. With its first location coming in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the company has been able to expand substantially as seven salons quietly creeped in the Denver metro area. Also, the company has been steadily growing in other states as well.


Again, the space Sola Salon provides you with comes with many more incentives, such as a website-attracting page where you and clientele can interact in easygoing waiting areas. Sola Salon will also provide you with a start-up package of hair care and beauty products coupled with discounts on products you can showcase in your own personal space.

Your own place will come equipped with a sliding glass door, a state-of-the-art hydraulic chair, sufficient, illuminated mirrors, shampoo bowl, styling stations, cabinets and fixtures, pull-out drawers for storage, and a ventilation system to cap it off. Sound like a lot? Well, one more thing, you will also be granted 24/7 access to your salon, an entry that does not require a key, security cameras, and a lock to your space.


Continuous hot water supply, janitorial and maintenance are the main services that will come with the ownership of your salon. Your salon will also come equipped with interior lighting and you will be granted access to laundry facilities. These services and provisions are included in your Sola Salon lease and contract agreement, and for a budding entrepreneur with a limited budget this shouldn’t break his or her bank.

Future expansion is a possibility always considered by Sola Salon beforehand. They have modifiable floor plans to accommodate more than one professional in a single salon. Additional benefits of your Salon Salon space are a start-up checklist, retail distributor contacts, and forms for obtaining a license and other permits which are necessary to operate a salon business.

Also, another service of Sola Salon’s is their referral program which differs in its terms and conditions at times. It is entirely dependent on the new salon owner. It is up to your discretion to reward a client who referred you to another customer. For example, you may give this client a free hair cut while, on the other hand, the client who brings in a new client receives a discount percentage on a couple of services. You will see for yourself when you actually have your own salon, it will be much easier and possible to apply the terms you have in mind.


When you become a part of the Sola Salon family, you are also granted access to other independent owners across the nation. You may also be given access to special offers, liability insurance, industry events, expanding programs on hair science or beauty culture, discounts on retail products, disability insurance, and invitations to family picnics, parties, and other special occasions of Sola communities.

If you have been contemplating putting your two feet in the salon industry, it would make sense to own your own business and earn considerable profits on your own terms. With a Sola Salon lease or franchise, you are given great freedom and control, can set your work hours accordingly, sell retail products you think clientele would express interest in, set the prices for your services, modify your own business, and avoid the normal risks and problems that are so well-known in a traditional salon environment.

Continuing, again, with a Sola Salon lease or franchise, you are given control to expand your business sans the hassle by just leasing or franchising another location. You can be given additional equipment, hire more and more people, plan renovations to your place, and add more to your list of services to expand your repertoire and reputation. Sola Salon’s success is based on giving you the creative control and freedom you need to expand your business and brand as much as you like.

Your personal units come equipped with excellent equipment that is necessary to avoid upfront costs and overhead fees typical with starting a traditional salon. Moreover, Sola Salon has also honed an expert community of veteran professionals who can assist and advise you on your newfound business.

If you seek substantial profits from services and movement of retail products, retain a loyal clientele, gain freedom from the political shackles of traditional salons, avoid upfront costs altogether, take full advantage of setting your own prices, and work within a schedule that is honed to your liking and availability, then explore the Sola Salon world to bask in all of the aforementioned benefits.

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