Short Hair Trends for 2017

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

You know what’s the best thing about hair? It grows back! Which means you can experiment away and if you don’t like it, who cares? It probably still looks amazing and before you know it, it’ll have grown back. You’ll soon be able to try something new! Short hair is super trendy for 2017 so we’re here to give you the dish on all the new ideas.

Hair styles for short hair


I’m not kidding, crimping is back. But please don’t do it ’80s style and cover your whole head. Instead, just crimp a few strands and add them in to your pony tail. They add a fun element of extra texture, while still remaining subtle enough. Crimping your hair is easy whether it’s long or short but will draw less attention if your hair is short!


The Shag

Just like crimping is creeping back into fashion from the ’80s, the shag haircut is also making a comeback from the ’70s. If you decide to give this messy cut a try, be sure to go to a stylist who knows what they’re doing. In order to achieve this look, your stylist should use a razor in order to get that soft, feathered look.


Pixie Cuts

The pixie cut is back! It never really left, but it’s back and better than ever! Pixie cuts flatter people with a strong jawline. I wish I could pull off this sexy, non-nonsense cut! Rock that confidence girl, you’re amazing!

Layered Bob

Bobs are the cutest hair cuts and they’re so simple! The layered bob is in for 2017. Chop off those long locks and flatter your face with a chin length bob. This style is really flattering on angular face shapes. To class up your look, use a flat iron to add a bit of wave to your bob.

layered bob

Short curly hair styles

If you’ve got curly hair you might feel like it doesn’t look good in a short cut. That’s not true at all! Curly hair is so beautiful and it’s extremely forgiving! If you don’t like the way it was cut, you can get it fixed. Curls cover a multitude of sins.

Puffy Curls

For the past few years, long, smooth locks have been in style. Everyone has been blow drying, straightening, and using all forms of heat to smooth out the frizz. With 2017 comes permission to let that fluffy hair go, ladies! You still want to tame the frizz as much as possible, but check out how glamorous Janelle Monae looks!


Pixie Cut

You don’t have to have straight hair in order to pull off the pixie cut! Curly hair is great for a cute pixie look. Curls are so forgiving and can make growing in a pixie cut really easy! They’re adorable and flattering on many face shapes. Have fun with it!


There’s seriously so many more options and ideas out there of hairstyles that are trending for 2017. It can be scary to try a new hair cut but so often you end up loving it! Cutting your hair can give you a boost of confidence you didn’t realize you needed. A few years ago I decided to let my friend chop my long blonde curly hair off and just do whatever she wanted. It was the most terrifying thing in the world but I ended up loving what she did! I got so many compliments and was so proud of myself for taking a risk. It may sound like a silly thing but it really can be a major move in your life!

Have fun experimenting and don’t be afraid to take the plunge and try something new! I bet you’ll love it. 🙂

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