Taking Care Of Dry And Itchy Skin

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Itchy and dry skin is not just hard to live with, it can be downright annoying. Imagine having skin pulled tightly on your face or body and easily become irritated. This usually is accompanied by blisters and flaking. Most people with this condition think that they have a rash and may use hydrocortisone to treat the itch that they feel but doing so can actually dry the skin even more. If you have this condition, you may scratch your skin more often and this can lead to infection.

You can avoid the problem from getting worse by following certain steps. Here are ways to hydrate and take care of your dry and itchy skin.

Bathing DOs and DON’Ts

Taking Care Of Dry And Itchy SkinWhen you have dry skin, you should try to cut back on bathing. Frequent baths can exacerbate your condition. It may also be time to change your soap. Avoid those with harsh chemicals and overly scented products. You could use mild body wash, preferably those that are soap-free. This will help keep oils in place.

Make sure that you avoid taking long baths, especially if you adore hot showers. This can strip your skin of hydration even faster than cold baths. So if you must indulge, make sure you shower no longer than five minutes.


Taking Care Of Dry And Itchy SkinHeavy creams are best for people with dry and itchy skin. Opt for unscented formulas that contain olive oil, cocoa butter and other hydrating components. Look for one that contains ceramides, which are natural lipid molecules. These contain fatty acids which will keep the dryness in check. You can also use creams, ointments, or lotions that contain petroleum jelly. However, if you have acne-prone skin, you should avoid petrolatum.

It would be best to hydrate your skin right after you shower. This will help seal the moisture in. So if possible, put your lotion on no more than 10 seconds after you towel off.


Taking Care Of Dry And Itchy SkinWhen you have dry and itchy skin, buying the right makeup is a must but it can also be tricky. This is why you should be extra careful when you’re shopping for cosmetics. Avoid variants that have oil-control properties. It would also be best to read various reviews about the product beforehand, as people with sensitive skin tend to break out or develop rashes easier than people with regular skin.

Tips For Cold Climates

Taking Care Of Dry And Itchy SkinIf you live in an area where it is cold all year round, you should take extra care, as low temperatures can exacerbate your condition. Make sure you use a humidifier to keep your skin supple and hydrated. However, you need to clean this regularly to avoid mold build-up.

Moisturize several times a day. It would also be best if you paid special attention to your face and neck area, as these are sensitive places that dry out faster. You might want to buy cosmetics that cater to dry and sensitive skin as well.

Keep in mind that your skin is your first barrier of defense. Treat it with respect and pamper it as best as you can. As long as you use products that will keep it moisturized and supple, you can age gracefully without needing any anti-aging cream. People with dry and itchy skin should make sure that they visit their dermatologist regularly to avoid any widespread rashes.

Why spend thousands of dollars to get skin care treatment at a dermatologist’s clinic when you can simply follow some simple remedies to have beautiful, healthy and smooth skin? By following the above information, you can avoid dry and itchy skin.


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