Ulta Beauty Salon Prices in 2024

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Ulta Beauty salon prices start at $12 for Bang&Neck trim, Clipper Cut at $20, Classic Blowout at $26. Checkout for full pricing table for all rates and fees.

Having been around since 1990, Ulta Beauty Salon is well-known for providing reliably high-quality hairstyling, spa, and cosmetic services. As a matter of fact, the chain of beauty salons is one of the most reputable and beloved businesses of its type in the United States of America. For that reason, it is very likely that you already know about it. However, in order to help you gain a deeper knowledge of the salon chain, this guide will go over its most important features. Additionally, it will provide a list of Ulta Beauty Salon prices.

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Ulta Beauty Salon Prices


Ulta Beauty Salon Prices for Basic Services

Haircut & Style$36.00 and up
Signature Haircut & Style$46.00 and up
Clipper Cut$20.00 and up
Bang Trim/Neck Trim$12.00 and up
Classic Blowout$26.00 and up
Go Out Blowout and Style$36.00 and up
Go Out Blowout and Style with Conditioning Treatment$46.00 and up
Signature Blowout and Style$46.00 and up
Redken Steam Infusion Blowout with Steam Infusion$66.00 and up
Diamond Dusting Blowout$50.00 and up
Bombshell Blowout$55.00 and up
Formal Style$50.00 and up

Ulta Beauty Salon Prices for Color and Highlights

Redken Chromatics Color (Permanent)$63.00 and up
Redken Color Fusion (Permanent)$58.00 and up
Redken Shades EQ Glaze (Demi-Permanent)$43.00 and up
Accent$48.00 and up
Area$73.00 and up
All Over$98.00 and up
Dimensional$108.00 and up
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Ulta Beauty Salon Prices for Skin-Related Services

Dermalogica Skin Treatment$55.00 and up
Dermalogica UltraCalming Treatment$55.00 and up
Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Skin Treatment$65.00 and up
Dermalogica AGEsmart® Skin Treatment$75.00 and up
Dermalogica Clear Skin Teen Treatment$25.00 and up
Dermalogica Power Resurfacing Peel$40.00 and up
Dermalogica MicroZone® Targeted Treatments$25.00 and up
Dermalogica Cleanse & Moisture Treatment + Microdermabrasion$65.00 and up
Dermalogica Skin Treatment + Microdermabrasion$80.00 and up

Ulta Beauty Salon Prices for Face and Waxing Services

Makeup Application$40.00
LASH beLONG Eyelash Extensions$150.00
Strip Lash$10.00
Cluster Full Lash$35.00
Lip Wax$11.00
Chin Wax$13.00
Lip and Chin Wax$19.00
Brow Tweeze$23.00
Lip, Chin, Side Wax$27.00
Brow and Lip Wax$28.00

What Are Ulta Beauty Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

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Basic Beauty Procedures

Without a doubt, Ulta Beauty is a salon that is characterized by its wonderful modernity and elegance. Its main services are haircuts, hair coloring procedures, perms, waxing procedures, and facials. However, the salon is always expanding its roster of services. It has already included things like hair color processing treatments, regular skin treatments, special skin treatments, and semi-private shampooing procedures.

Each hairstyling service offered by Ulta Beauty Salon is prefaced by a quick consultation with a professional stylist. Directly after this consultation, customers are treated to a customized shampoo and conditioning session. This procedure wants to clean and relax the hair in order to make it more manipulable and easier to style.

Clientele Can Ask for Additional Procedures

Once that is done, an expert hairstyling professional will carry on providing the previously agreed-upon haircut or hairdo. Customers may also request one of the many hair coloring and highlighting services that characterize this salon.

In addition to hairstyling and coloring services, Ulta Beauty Salon offers its clientele a series of additional spa-quality services. They range from skin treatments to waxing, making it possible for customers to make Ulta Beauty their one-stop shop for beauty services.

Ulta Beauty Salon History & Growth

In 1990, Richard E. George, former president of Osco Drug Inc., founded Ulta Beauty Salon. The idea behind the new company was to create a chain of high-end salons. This wave of beauty chambers would take the basic premise of a glamour salon and make it available to as many people as possible. Flawlessly executed, this concept proved to be a complete success.

Soon, the first few Ulta Beauty Salon locations became very prominent in their respective regions. This success encouraged its founder and investors to expand the business by opening more location in the United States. Today, the franchise has 675 fully-operational, full-sized locations distributed across 46 states.

Why Should You Go to This Salon? What Are People Saying about It?

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The first thing anyone notices when walking into an Ulta Beauty Salon store is its astounding spaciousness. As a matter of fact, the average Ulta Beauty Salon location has 10,000 square feet. This may seem like a lot until one realizes the huge range of services offered by the salon. The number of professionals that work in providing said services has also taken impressive proportions.

Almost simultaneously, one is awestruck by the relaxing, welcoming, and engaging qualities of the store’s luxurious environment. What keeps most people coming back, however, is the versatility and high quality of the services offered at Ulta Beauty. Carried out by consummate professionals, each and every one of these services are meant to make customers look their absolute best.

Ulta Beauty Salon Salon Hours

Most Ulta Beauty Salon locations are open every day of the week from 9 AM to 10 PM. However, with so many locations spread across 46 states, it’s impossible to determine a standard time that applies to each one. For that reason, it’s advisable to contact your local Ulta Beauty Salon in order to find out more about their particular policies.

Coming to a Close

Without a doubt, Ulta Beauty Salon is one of the most complete and versatile businesses of its kind. Maintaining a high standard of quality in all its locations, it’s also incredibly reliable. Have you ever tried this salon’s services? If so, let us know in the comments!

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