Hollywood Tan Prices – All You Need to Know about Their Services

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Since it opened in 1993, Hollywood Tan has been turning heads. Offering modern and skillful tanning procedures, this salon helps people achieve their best look. In order to provide you additional information regarding this salon, the present guide will go over Hollywood Tan prices and services.

Hollywood Tan Prices


Hollywood Tan Prices for Basic Tanning Services

Hollywood Tan 42 (one star)
$8.00 and up
Hollywood Tan 54 (two stars)
$14.00 and up (maximum stand time is 10 minutes)
Hollywood Tan 60 (three stars)
$18.00 and up
Hollywood Tan High Pressure Booth
$23.00 and up


Hollywood Tan Prices for Special Tanning Services

$25.00 and up
Stand Up Tanning
$25.00 and up
Sunless Spray Tanning
$25.00 and up
Instant Tan
$25.00 and up
The Auto Revolution Tan
$25.00 and up

What Are Hollywood Tan Salon’s Services and Why Should You Try Them?

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Basic Tanning Services

Hollywood Tan’s basic tanning services are as straightforward as they are efficient. In the course of only a few sessions, they are capable of achieving fantastic, natural-looking results. Customizable and modifiable, these tanning services are meant to work to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

At Hollywood Tan, there are three different types of basic tanning services. The most basic is the Hollywood Tan 42, a base-level tan that can be achieved in five or six sessions. Despite being the most affordable of all Hollywood Tan’s basic tanning services, the HT42 offers great value.

Hollywood Tan also offers its customers the HT 54, a 10-minute tan that can yield full results after only four or five simple sessions. Durable and natural-looking, this is definitely a tan service of great value. Finally in this category, Hollywood Tan offers the three-star HT 60, a service that is able to achieve a perfect tan base after only three or four eight-minute sessions.

High-Pressure Booth Tanning

Previously described basic tanning services are great for obtaining a base-level tan. Nonetheless, customers who want to perfect and maintain their look will want to look at options for High-Pressure Booth Tanning. Designed to revive and extend the lifespan of a base tan, this option serves as a quick way to maintain your perfect level of shade.

Yielding immediate results, the High-Pressure Booth Tanning service is perfect for customers who value their time as much as their tan. As if that was not enough, by using special HT High-Pressure filters, this process serves the added purpose of blocking out harmful UVB rays. This way, customers protect their health and ensure that their tan will last longer.

In order to accommodate itself to each customer’s particular needs, Hollywood Tan gives the option of choosing between several high-pressure tanning booths of varying power levels.

Sunbed Services

Without a doubt, the various exclusive stand-up UV tanning processes are the most popular services that are offered at Hollywood Tan. However, in order to give its customers as many options as possible, the tanning salon has made available a large selection of state-of-the-art indoor tanning beds provided by PC Tan. This selection includes luxury sunbed models with special features such as aromatherapy, gentle misting, air conditioning, face and leg tanners, and even iPod connectivity.

Stand Up Tanning Services

Apart from the more traditional types of tanning systems, Hollywood Tan offers its customers a wide selection of state-of-the-art stand up tanning booths. Faster, more practical, and more efficient at delivering a head-to-toe look, these tanning booths are becoming more popular and demanded each day.

The Auto Revolution Smart Tanning System

Developed by the renowned tanning systems manufacturer Norvell, The Auto Revolution is a smart tanning system. This system yields airbrush-quality results as quickly and comfortably as an automatic spray booth. In the end, it produces base-level results.

Being able to determine important factors such as height and body type before acting, the system tailors each session to the customer’s particular needs and wishes. Using voice-guided instructions, the system guides the customer through each part of the process. This way, it ensures results of the maximum quality every time it is used.

Sunless Spray Tanning

Helping customers achieve a natural, easy tan, this service constitutes the application of a lotion containing DHA. By reacting to the proteins that exist in the skin’s most superficial layer, DHA creates a natural-looking additional layer that has a golden-brown color. The result is an organically-occurring darkening of the skin tone that fades through natural exfoliation.

Instant Tan

blonde woman in blue bikini posing happy with sunglasses

Taking advantage of the best tanning spray formulas in the industry, the Instant Tan is achieved by gently spraying a mist on your body. Containing premium moisturizers, bronzers, and a healthy dose of the aforementioned DHA, this mist can help you achieve a perfect tan in a matter of minutes.

Hollywood Tan Salon History and Growth

More than 20 years ago, Hollywood Tan was created with the sole mission of providing the best tanning services to as many customers as possible. Soon, the salon’s success allowed its owners to expand the business by opening new outlets.

By avoiding franchising and owning all its stores, Hollywood Tan has been able to maintain a high level of quality. Today, it’s one of the most successful tanning salons in the region.

Why Should You Go to This Salon? What Are People Saying About It?

Simply put, people keep returning to Hollywood Tan as it offers services of fantastic value. Using the most advanced tanning technology and hiring only the most experienced professionals, the salon has reached and maintained a truly impressive level of quality. In addition, despite the quality of these services, Hollywood Tan prices are surprisingly affordable.

Hollywood Tan Salon Hours

From Monday to Friday, Hollywood Tan is open between 9 AM and 9 PM. On Saturdays, the salon is open between 9 AM and 5 PM. On Sundays, it functions from 10 AM to 3 PM.

In Conclusion

After going through this guide, it can be concluded that Hollywood Tan offers quality services to demanding customers. Additionally, it’s easy to see why Hollywood Tan prices are so attractive to the public. Have you tried this salon’s services? Leave a comment letting us know about your experience!

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