Your Crowning Glory: Four Hair Secrets That Will Make Every Day A Perfect Hair Day

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

There are some things that will give us just a little bit of a spring in our step and the confidence to conquer kingdoms. Having a great hair day is one of them and by following a few steps this could be a daily reality

Have regular hair cuts

This is true even if you wish to grow your hair. Split and damaged ends just do not look good on any head of hair, and by regularly going to the salon to have this done will not only boost your confidence, but also the healthy appearance of your hair. By having regular haircuts, your hairdresser will also be able to pick up scalp and hair issues in their infancy.

Try not to tie your hair in the same way everyday

This may seem like a strange comment, however, hair experts have revealed that by having your hair tied up in the same style every day, it causes pressure points on the scalp. If these pressure points continue, it may even cause bald spots as the scalp actually dies. This is especially true if you have long or heavy hair. Try to rather have your hair loose or in a braid to add a bit of variety. If you suspect that you may have a pressure point on your scalp, have someone rub some organic coconut oil or oil based hair treatment on the spot, and gently massage it. Do this until the flakiness has gone.


Hair extensions add a touch of glamour

Don’t be dismayed when you’re attending a specific function and the desired hairstyle requires your hair to be longer. High-quality hair extensions add a wonderful touch of glamour to the day. You have an option of purchasing clip-ons or to have a salon fit them for you. This will last for about two to three months, depending on the quality of the applications. It is very important to have this done professionally, as it can damage the hair and the scalp if not done properly.

Less is more

This applies to any product you will want to use. There are those days where half a can of hairspray is warranted, however, for the most part, the less product you put on your hair, the better. This would go for a shampoo as well, as it causes build-up. It is also not necessary for you to repeat the wash cycle unless you have been mud wrestling or you are trying to get specific product or a heat treatment out of your hair. Shampoo build-up is responsible for flaky scalps most of the time and could also leave your hair looking dull. One of the best-kept secrets is to apply warmed virgin coconut oil to your hair and leave it on as a moisture treatment. This can be done once a week and results in soft and shiny hair. The coconut oil is great at restoring moisture, and also assists in removing product build-up.


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