How to get Great Hair and Skin for All Seasons

Written by Sierra Hamilton | Reviewed by Linda Simko Last Updated: March 16, 2024

Do you feel a film on your face when you wake up in the morning even if you applied a night cream? Why did your skin fail to soak up your night cream? One reason is that your cream may be either too rich or contain an ingredient or ingredients that do not penetrate your skin. Therefore, when you buy night cream, make sure that it contains humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which creates moisture in your skin. Avoid those creams that contain an occlusive ingredient such as petrolatum that seals in moisture. Another precaution is to avoid over-applying cream on your face and make sure that you use creams that match your skin type.

The Base Foundation

Having great skin does not stop you from using a night cream that can moisturize your skin. Actually, that is only one part of total skin care. Another way of looking great and having healthy skin is by using the right make-up. It is essential to apply liquid foundation when putting on make-up. So, it is very critical that you keep fresh liquid foundation. Do you know when it is time to replace your base foundation is? If the liquid foundation starts to separate and smell bad, it is time to replace it. Normally, the life span of liquid foundation is about 18 months. The best way to avoid using old foundation is to put the date of purchase on your liquid foundation.

Powders, Blush-on, and Eye Shadows

After putting on the right base foundation, you should use pressed or loose powders that are hypoallergenic and unscented. Make sure that the powders match the color and type of your skin. If you prefer to use cake-type base foundation instead of liquid, you may do so. There are good quality brands for this type of base foundation available at stores all over the country.

If the base foundation and pressed powder should match the color of your skin, it is the opposite for the eye shadow. The eye shadow should not be the same color as your eyes in order to enhance your eyes. Using eye shadow with the same color of your eyes will blend in with your eyes rather than enhance them. For example, a yellowish-brown color can emphasize and create definition for deep-set eyes. To make small eyes look brighter and bigger, use shimmery eye shadows. Highlighting hooded eyes with pale shades of eye shadow can open up the eyes. When you are in a rush, you can still enhance your eyes with the use of eyeliner and mascara. You will be amazed at the effect of these two basic make-ups.

Hair, Hairstyles, and Accessories

Many people say that the hair is the crowning glory of a person. But, to make it so, you have to manage it well. We also know that most men and women today are busy and that is why they want hairstyles that are “wash and wear”. But, does this mean that you can no longer sport trendy hairstyles and use fancy hair accessories?

The main problem of busy people, especially women with long hair, is how to have a style that dries quickly and without a lot of fuss. In order to dry your hair quicker, here are some tips:

  • After shampooing your hair, step out of the bathroom since the humidity of the bathroom will extend the drying time of your hair.
  • Blot, don’t rub your wet hair with an absorbent microfiber towel and then air-dry for a few minutes.
  • Apply some facial moisturizer (yes, you can use it as hair product) to prevent frizz. Then blow-dry your hair until almost dry and style according to your taste.


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